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Re: Browning X Bolt

09 Dec 2017
@ 07:42 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

NO just no.
the faults with the browning just a few is, to light, no aftermarket parts, square barrel threads and tang safety.
i would stick to remington, you could buy a remington in 7mm rem mag check the barrel shoots alright then have it reamed to 28 nosler

for other members that aren't to sure what the 28 nosler is, it's basically a 2.5' 7mm rum.
if we look at the 404 jeffery case that's its based off with turned down rim.
we have the saum's at 308 length, the wsm at 6.5x55 length, the nosler at 7mm remington length and rums, at 375 h&h length.

nosler submitted pretty much every caliber there is between 26 and 36 to saami (6.5-9.3)
the 28 nosler would roughly have same capacity as the 7mm practical


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