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Browning X Bolt

08 Dec 2017
@ 10:25 am (GMT)

Stuart Talbot

I'm looking at a Browning X Bolt Synthetic Hunter in 28 Nosler. I've never owned a Browning. Remington and Savage have always been my go to guns.

I normally hunt southern whitetail, but this gun will be for my wish trip of a desert bighorn hunt hopefully in the next 5 years or so, which should give me time to become intimate with the rifle.

I'm not in a big hurry to make the purchase, so, any thoughts on the rifle/cartridge? The cartridge looks like it should shoot like a laser beam!

Thanks in advance,


08 Dec 2017
@ 12:01 pm (GMT)

Brian Vickerman

Re: Browning X Bolt
I have Browning X Bolt. Mine is chambered in a 30-06. I mainly hunt Moose, white tail deer and Black Bear.

I am very pleased with the X Bolt. I get about 3/4" grouping with 160 gr. Federal Premium Copper and 168 gr. BST

I have no experience with the Nosler 28, but the specs suggest it to be a decent round for your requirements.

09 Dec 2017
@ 07:42 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Browning X Bolt
NO just no.
the faults with the browning just a few is, to light, no aftermarket parts, square barrel threads and tang safety.
i would stick to remington, you could buy a remington in 7mm rem mag check the barrel shoots alright then have it reamed to 28 nosler

for other members that aren't to sure what the 28 nosler is, it's basically a 2.5' 7mm rum.
if we look at the 404 jeffery case that's its based off with turned down rim.
we have the saum's at 308 length, the wsm at 6.5x55 length, the nosler at 7mm remington length and rums, at 375 h&h length.

nosler submitted pretty much every caliber there is between 26 and 36 to saami (6.5-9.3)
the 28 nosler would roughly have same capacity as the 7mm practical
10 Dec 2017
@ 03:06 am (GMT)

Stuart Talbot

Re: Browning X Bolt
Thanks for the replies. Thomas, I actually began considering what you talk about. Went around yesterday shopping for used Remington 7 mags. None that were configured the way I want. If I'm going to have one reamed, or rebarreled, I'm going to look at the Practical as well.
10 Dec 2017
@ 08:33 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Browning X Bolt
Please be very careful about this as Thomas said. Mag lengths are also a major issue now. If you go with the Browning, you may have to jump long range pills by up to 80 thou or so. Please study the book series (particularly Rifles and cartridges) to avoid costly mistakes.

One of the worst things I see, is guys 'sort of' knowing what they want but not having an understanding of how to achieve this. Occasionally I will browse a franchise store and I see the sales folk telling guys this and that and before you know it, they have laid down a pile of cash on something that they have no understanding of whatsoever. A case of the blind leading the blind. I suggest you have some clearly established goals before you shop, otherwise you may end up in this situation. I am the complete opposite, the asshole who turns up with verniers in hand and if the gun salesman wants to talk shit, I am quite happy to take a plastic light weight wonder gun and squeeze the barrel and forend tip together while performing a ventriloquist act. Try it some time, I call it 'talking guns'.
10 Dec 2017
@ 01:31 pm (GMT)

Stuart Talbot

Re: Browning X Bolt
Hoping Santa brings me a couple more of your books, Nathan. I'm currently on my second reading of your Long Range Shooting book. Finished it then immediately started it over.

I found myself getting in a hurry for another 7mm. I had a sendero in 7 STW when they were first released. In a fit of madness, I let it go. I've regretted it ever since. So, I want another laser beam. But not so much as to jump on a rifle that I'm less familiar with. Going to stick with Remington. I'll pick up a used 700, then put it together as time and money allows. It will come down to 28 Nosler v 7mm practical.

It looks like I could fit the Practical in a standard long action, whereas I might need a magnum length to be able to wring out the full potential of the 28.

I've currently got a Sendero in .270 Win, then another 700 in .300 WM. I need another rifle like I need a hole in the head.
10 Dec 2017
@ 05:14 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Browning X Bolt
Hello Stuart. I just read that the Remington Company is having severe financial issues and some people are thinking they could declare bankruptcy.

Given the News Media's record, I will continue to take this with a grain of solt or two. That being said however, it is a fact that the quality control of their rifle manufacturing over the last year or two has declined significantly.

At this point I would prefer to buy an older Remington action or a custom one and build from there. Or, as many people are now doing, buy one of the Howa rifles or barrelled actions. The hunters and shooters I have observed going the Howa build route are more than happy with their results.

My youngest boy bought a Weatherby Vanguard in .243 for shooting coyotes. His is simply a Howa barrelled action in an HS Precision stock with an aluminum bedding block, and it shoots really well other than the issue of barrel twist preventing his use of 105 grain plus bullets, which it refuses to shoot. I bought the Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle, in .308 to carry on longer treks and it shoots 1/2 MOA yet the rifle alone before scope etc is only 5.7 pounds. At 71 years, I can shoot that all day and can also cary the darned thing all day as well. Has a great NONFLEXIBLE stock to boot.
11 Dec 2017
@ 04:54 am (GMT)

Stuart Talbot

Re: Browning X Bolt
Hmmm. That makes me wonder if I shouldn't grab the late 90's Sendero 300 WM that I saw the other day, just to have it. Already have a 300, but it ain't a Sendero :-)


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