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Nosler Partition vs. All the Rest

04 Dec 2017
@ 06:25 am (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Hi All:

Reading through the cartridge research in the Knowledgebase, I noticed that the Nosler Partition is highly regarded in many caliber applications. Living in the USA, my whitetail deer hunting with modern firearms is generally limited to only a few weeks each year. And bag limits are small. So, the cost of the bullets for reloading is not a big issue. So, I'm thinking of working up loads for my .243 Winchester, 7-08 and .308 deer rifles with the appropriate weight Nosler Partitions. I'd use these exclusively in place of other bullet choices. I'd like to hear opinions from the forum. Many thanks. Ed


04 Dec 2017
@ 03:54 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Nosler Partition vs. All the Rest

If you're hunting lighter animals, such as in the southern states or Texas, you don't need the Partitions. That being said, they are spectacular in many cases. One thing that you will learn from Nathan's books is that each projectile and caliber combination have their place depending upon the species and distances.

I think it's a great idea to load the partitions, but it does you no good to limit yourself exclusively to those projectiles. If you can, get a copy of Nathan's book, "The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges" it will serve you well as an excellent reference guide for a very long time.

Good luck reloading, and do look at the Hornady choices, as they are many.


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