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Re: 270 bullet

02 Dec 2017
@ 07:27 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Michael, in a looser tolerance Axis, the 130gr Rem ammo will be going around 2850 to 2900fps at best. If you switch to the 150gr, you will lose another 200fps.

The three basic options are:
1, shift your point of aim further forwards.

2, use a more potent factory load such as the Superformance or Precision Hunter. But do take care to avoid going less than 140 grains when using these as the light SST can suffer limited penetration at such high impact velocities.

3. Begin hand loading. But do keep in mind that in order to improve upon factory loads, you will have to 'go the distance' with hand loading. Quite often, a rifle will need bedding / tuning while the shooter must himself improve his technique in order to exploit full power loads. In other cases, and this is to be considered the norm, folk give up below optimum potential due to misread pressure signs. A good majority of hand loaded .270's can be considered detuned in this manner.

Please be very careful when reading this thread, there are posts here which are unscientific and misleading.

Thanks for your kind words Lane.


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