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scope eye relief.

26 Mar 2013
@ 04:20 am (GMT)

jason brown

here is a tip that makes sence with eye relief.
the short video will explain it better than i could, im just wondering if anyone already does this or any other comments.


27 Mar 2013
@ 05:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: scope eye relief.
The topic of scope parallax has been covered extensively in past years, mostly between the 1960's- 1980's.

If the shooters eye is in the correct place (no shadow), there is no potential parallax error. The test is simple, move your head side to side and the crosshairs don't shift.

If you move the scope forwards to a point where the shadow appears, it creates a situation where an extra step has to be taken to align the shadow with the objective housing to prevent parallax error.

What you have to ask yourself is- is it productive to create an extra step. When I started guiding many years ago, on occasions where hunters shorter than myself were using my rifle, I found that upon investigation of shot placement errors, some errors could be attributed to parallax error. For newer hunters, the extra step of aligning the shadow or vignette as it is called on the youtube tutorial, is simply too much when the pressure of the hunt is on.

Shifting the scope forwards can be useful on high velocity high recoiling big bores. It can also make the Zeiss and Swaro optics bearable on light weight mountain rifles. So there is merit in the youtube tutorial for specific applications. Though in the case of the Zeiss and Swaro, it is a sows ear silk purse situation.

But- it must be remembered that the youtube method adds an extra step which is for the majority of rifles is both unnecessary and counterproductive, especially to low experienced shooters. When precision shooting, there is quite a check list to go through before taking the shot. So you have to ask yourself whether you can cope with an extra step that would easily be nullified by setting the scope at a distance where parallax error cannot occur. We also have to take winter/summer clothing into account along with pack straps. These differences in LOP can effect parallax. If the scope is set forwards beyond optimum parallax, then extra clothing is added and pack straps, snap shooting becomes extremely difficult. Such lessons learned the hard way.

27 Mar 2013
@ 11:46 pm (GMT)

jason brown

Re: scope eye relief.
as usual nathan, you make sence.
i guess the extra step might be ok on a piece of paper that doesnt move. but for hunting, its something that really just complicates things or in the heat of the moment will be forgotton when thinking of the usual mental check list before taking a shot.


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