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7mm Remington magnum rifles

17 Jul 2011
@ 08:59 pm (GMT)

Dan Rotar

Hi Nathan,

it was a real pleasure to discover your site. I am new to long range shooting and planning buying a rifle mainly for deer and tahr hunts. I would like asking what will be your opinion regarding accuracy and reliability for below rifles (I am interested in buying one of them) and which one would you recommend:
-Remington® 700™ Sendero® II Rifle26” barrel in 7mm Remington Magnum
-Savage Stainless Synthetic Weather Warrior – AccuStock model 116 FHSS 24” barrel in 7mm Remington Magnum
-Savage 111 Long Range Hunter 26” barrel in 7mm Remington Magnum
Can they be further accurised using your solution?
Feel free to recommend other options if you consider so.
Thank you.


21 Jul 2011
@ 01:36 pm (GMT)

Ricardo Gomez

Re: 7mm Remington magnum rifles
Hi Dan
I prefer rem700 sendero, is more accurate, no the cheapest, looks great and 7mm Rem Mag is a very powerful caliber IMHO

22 Jul 2011
@ 12:23 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7mm Remington magnum rifles
Hi Dan, glad you are enjoying the site, sorry for the late reply, its been a long week.

Generally speaking, the strengths of the Savage company, lie in their ability and commitment to producing in-expensive rifles, providing a service to low income earners. The work ethic at Savage is sound, workers do their best with what they have.

In most instances, Savage rifle barrels are very accurate. I do occasionally come across a flawed barrel, most notably due to button chatter, opening up the bore diameter. On these very-very rare occasions, such practices as fire lapping cannot help as this process opens up the bore further. nevertheless, statistically, I see less flawed barrels from Savage than other designs, including high end rifle designs.

The Savage Weather Warrior is a light weight rifle, ideal for climbing high. The accustock is usually very good, but some rifles still benefit from bedding etc. From a 24" barrel, goal velocities for long range work would be 2920-3030fps with the 162gr A-Max. Per chance, a local shooter contacted me recently, reporting that his Weather Warrior in 7mm WSM is producing .3" out of the box. We should not expect this level of accuracy from a factory sporter but it is great to hear and a credit to the staff at Savage.

The Savage long range hunter features a spiral ported muzzle brake. While felt recoil against the shoulder is low, shooters need to be aware that spiral ported brakes can initiate equally unhelpful biochemical reactions in the shooter, causing equally bad flinch. To many shooters, the slap in the face from a spiral ported brake shock wave is as detrimental to shooting as any rearward force. This can be tested by shooting groups with and without the brake. That said, as recoil is increased, such as on the RUM's and .338's, the spiral ported brakes do prove to help accuracy through lower recoil inertia, though the spiral porting is not as user friendly as side porting.

Spiral brakes should never ever be used around hunting/pointer dogs, hearing will be permanently damaged within 3 shots. A side ported brake (or side ported and 20 degrees forwards) is the most effective design. This prevents the shock slap and also prevents powder residues and dirt debris entering the eyes, a horrible situation. On low recoiling rifles, a brake is not necessary and simply allows for lax technique. On the magnums, a brake and good technique can be very useful. On the .338's and upwards, a good brake is really essential.

The remington M700 Sendero is a fine long range rifle. It has a stress free hammer forged barrel and an excellent chassis system. I have never seen a flawed Sendero barrel, no doubt flaws do occur, perhaps this is just luck regarding my experiences. I do like to bed the Sendero, regardless of inherent accuracy, simply because these are outstanding rifles and it is worth going to such extremes, the results are great. Ironically however, I do not believe that the work ethic or moral at Remington is very high this year. Occasionally (2011), smaller mechanical or final finish issues are found that need to be addressed. The M700 is worth the effort though, a sound action design, a long magazine box (ideal for long magnum catridges with long COAL's), simple for smiths to work on, ideal for future projects, a great stock design.

The one major disadvantage of the Sendero, is the weight, specifically for hunters who climb very high. If you are a hunter who tramps two hours to base camp with a 16-18kg pack, then has to climb each day for a few days, then tramp home with meat, the weight of the Sendero can be a concern. Those who work in manual labor trades tend to handle 10.5-11.5lb rifles much better than office workers, although, this is a gross generalization, some office workers and IT staff have incredible natural strength, even without regular exercise.

A good weight compromise for climbing, is the SPS rifle (26" barrel) mated to either an HS stock (Sendero) or the laminate stock (used on the M700 Mountain Rifle). The actual M700 Mountain rifle can be obtained here in NZ, though it has a 23" barrel. Its a pity that Remington do not mate the standard SPS type barreled action to the HS stock as a factory offering.

I am about to start a Laminate/SPS project soon for a client who will be climbing high for Thar. Weight will be around 9.5lb which is a perfect balance, not too light (steady to aim/ moderate recoil) nor too heavy. Of course, this project costs more than a stock standard SPS or Savage. You may well find the Savage more to your needs, within the confines of your budget though the SPS should also be given consideration for its long term (project) versatility.

09 Aug 2011
@ 09:08 pm (GMT)

Dan Rotar

Re: 7mm Remington magnum rifles
Thank you for reply and apologise for not answering, it has been a very busy period for me. Unfortunately the Savage 7mm Rem Mag with accustock and accutriger is not available in NZ and it is minimum 12 weeks to import which is a little bit disappointing. The only model available with accustock and accutriger is a 270WSM. Unfortunately the other rifles are over my budget at this stage. Would this calibre be suitable for shooting deer/tahr at up to 750 yards? Also could you recommend a suitable Sigtron scope for above rifle, please?
I will send you a direct email with additional enquires about long range tutorial hunts.
Thank you.



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