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.257 Weatherby

18 Nov 2017
@ 12:04 am (GMT)

chad booth

Hello, I'm new to this forum... I just read a well written article on here about one of my favorite rifle cartridges, titled "the history of the .257 Weatherby"... I know this round is not the most efficient round out there. I've compiled alot of shooting/hunting experience with more efficient rounds like my .300 Win. Mag., as well as .338 Ultra, but none the less I just love my little .257 Weatherby. After reading the above mentioned article, I noticed one bullet the author neglected to mention. Over the last few years I have grown very fond of the 90 great Hornady GMX pushed as fast as I dare out of my Remington 700. I have had the blessing/opportunities to put that little bullet to work on six Whitetails at ranges from 60yds - 380yds with what I found to be very impressive terminal performance, for such a small projectile. Only one of the six deer taken with my 90gr GMX load, managed to stay on they'r feet(100% due to less than perfect shot placement) all six animals shot with this bullet were excited by the little 90gr copper alloy pill. None the less in each case there was without question a lot of energy deposited before exiting. The only animal that ran after the shot, left a very nice short, easily followed blood trail. As far as lighter copper alloy .257 bullets go I definitely don't think the 90gr GMX should be overlooked. It has proven itself to be very accurate, and produces extremely consistent/deadly terminal performance in all of my first hand experience with it...


18 Nov 2017
@ 09:29 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .257 Weatherby
Hi Chad, this load was not on the market when I released that research. I will need to go back through and update the KB as time allows but I want to finish the larger bores first.

Good to hear you are having success with this. The velocities are very high which helps a good deal, just a bit below 2400fps on your longest shot. Light, fast and tough can be a very good combo.

Just be careful if shooting further. This bullet was designed to fill a particular market. Those who have read my books will know my meaning here with regards to marketing. The Hornady ELD-X PDF alludes to more and also where current energies have been placed but you have to read between the lines and see what was not written in order to understand the subtleties of this.

Please click below for the ELD-X PDF link. Take note that Dave Emary's research has nothing to do with making a gazzilion dollars for a corporate. He did this research because like me, he likes to get to the bottom of things. He had no need to create bias, he just loves ballistics research.
19 Nov 2017
@ 01:55 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: .257 Weatherby
That article was great.

I was thoroughly impressed with the wound channels in the gel from the ELD-X at the different ranges and velocities and the way they went about their work. Really informative and impressive.


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