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358 umt / 35rum?

26 Oct 2017
@ 07:15 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

was very interesting reading Gerry's thread
was reading up on the knowledgebase about the 35 STA, i was aware there was a 358 caliber based on the rum case known as the 358 ultra mag towsley (umt)
its roughly has 150-200fps on the STA.
does anyone shoot one or know any one that does?
it would use raw horsepower to over come the low bc of 358 projectiles.
dual loading with barnes and gamekings would go nicely at a guess.

thought i would ask for interest sake, we are lucky here in nz as our game animals aren't that heavy, so not sure it would be needed as much fun as it would be.


27 Oct 2017
@ 09:14 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: 358 umt / 35rum?
Australia is in a similar boat. The biggest we get here is the wild buffalo in the Northern parts of Australia but it's not a regularly targeted species or popularly targeted species might be more accurate. You get the occasional scrub bull from time to time.

Nonetheless the biggest most hunters will go after are your red and sambar deer, depending on what is available in your area.

Nonetheless the idea of a larger bore is interesting me. The issue here is that moat ranges can't have anything larger than 300WM shot there due to legislation.
27 Oct 2017
@ 02:12 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 358 umt / 35rum?
Hi Thomas, this is doable based on the current reamers with True-Flite. I made sure we had parent reamers to cover this.

A beast I have been tracking of late weighs around 900kg (2000lb) and won't give me a clear shot. When the chance comes, I want maximum power- i.e, more power than an H&H load. Personally, I would like to hit him with a 300gr pill (or 270gr homogonous) at an impact velocity no less than 2900fps.

I'll have my .375 notes up soon so you can compare, 28,000 words at the current edit. Very close now.
02 Nov 2017
@ 07:16 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 358 umt / 35rum?
you know for once my bank account would love it if you said no that's a stupid idea.
might have to go on a bucket list projects now.

been reading your 375 uploads which is very good.
i think i'm getting my head around it but correct me if im going down the wrong path.

the 35rum would work well with light/mid weight game at close range
excel with red deer, elk and moose
would work up to around 600kg mark with occasional heavier animal as long as you get close.

375 rum works well on red, elk and moose
ideal around 600kg but can tackle 900kg with close range shots?
03 Nov 2017
@ 08:37 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 358 umt / 35rum?
Thats pretty much it. The trick for body shooting game weighing over 600kg, is to obtain a very tough .358" bullet weighing between 270 and 300 or more grains. Then as you say, load to full capacity and try to get close. Woodleigh have ample options for this in the .358 caliber. The freebore on the current reamers may allow you to crack 2900fps or higher with their 310gr bullet. The SD for these pills (solid and PP) is .346- very high and enough to overcome issues of driving the PP pill past its design parameters.
03 Nov 2017
@ 09:59 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 358 umt / 35rum?
Thank you Nathan
just regarding twist rate you mention going to 1-14 maybe even 1-16 for might projectiles just wondering how sensitive twist rate is for heavier projectiles

Are you better adopting the 1-12 and down loading 180-200grains so you can run 300grains easily

Or can we adopt 1-14 or 1-16 and max out everything.


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