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Stop that trigger travel

17 Mar 2013
@ 12:29 am (GMT)

Russell Collie

Most triggers have far too much travel AFTER breaking.

Have found for myself that I do not like metal trigger stops so instead I use a piece of stiff high density rubber set behind the trigger which stops all excess movement of the finger,hand and forearm.

Recently I was teaching two young Aussies to shoot with .22/s and really noticed their arm movement after firing so fitted both guns with rubber stops.
Ruger semi's, were the guns used and the trigger stops made an immediate improvement.

Within a few lessons I had them sling shooting from a standing position and hitting hares and rabbits out to around 50 metres using subsonics.

The young bloke was a bit surprised when his sister out shot him ,she could hit a fruit tin at around 40 metres hanging on a string 8 out of 10 times standing,damn good.


17 Mar 2013
@ 02:03 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: Stop that trigger travel
thats interesting.
i might have to try it.
iv noticed lately that my reticle stays on target better (while dry firing), and my groups are better when instead of using the tip of my trigger finger on the trigger like what is recomended, iv been using the first crease in my finger on the trigger. i put it down to my big hands being kind of bunched up and bent otherwise, and a straighter pull.


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