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Marlin Guide Gun 45-70

15 Mar 2013
@ 11:26 pm (GMT)

Shane Llewell

Nathan off hand do you know if the Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in 45-70 can the trigger pull weight be changed,

Cheers Shane


16 Mar 2013
@ 05:15 pm (GMT)

Matt Reid

Re: Marlin Guide Gun 45-70
Hi there, I have a 336 in 30-30 which I believe is the same trigger assembly. You can tweak the existing trigger to reduce pull weight by lightly honing the face of the 'sear'. Somewhere over at Marlin owners forum is plenty of info about this. Obviously you run a risk of wrecking your trigger completely so pays to get a good handle on the process first.

A better option is to purchase:

I have one of these triggers and they work great. Ideally get a buddy in the states to post one out (assuming you are in NZ)

16 Mar 2013
@ 07:29 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Marlin Guide Gun 45-70
Hi Shane, I have owned and shot Marlin levers for years but have never actually played with the triggers. Even when doing serious range/load testing, I have simply made peace with the trigger weights, not that I am suggesting you do the same.

Matt has really nailed it with his answers. The Marlin owners forum is an excellent resource. The trigger happy kit sounds good too.
16 Mar 2013
@ 08:09 pm (GMT)

Shane Llewell

Re: Marlin Guide Gun 45-70
Thanks for the info I had a look at the website sudgested with the link, This trigger looks to be the go, Will buy one and fit it, Then see how that goes, My Marlin is the 1895GS which is the stainless model but I see they make the trigger assembly in nickle as well which would be the go,

Cheers Shane
21 Mar 2013
@ 09:48 pm (GMT)


Re: Marlin Guide Gun 45-70
Midway USA has the same trigger in stainless steel, for the same price.
S Lindsay
28 Sep 2013
@ 05:33 pm (GMT)

Stephen Lindsay

Re: Marlin Guide Gun 45-70
I purchased the stainless steel "Wild West Trigger Happy Kit" for my Marlin SBL in 45-70 awhile ago and just recently had it installed. Not only did it make the trigger pull super smooth, but it dropped the factory pull of 5.5# down to 2.5# without any polishing or honing - just dropped it in. I already loved the rifle, but now it is a dream to shoot!


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