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BSA bedding and free floating

25 Sep 2017
@ 09:16 pm (GMT)

Chris Pearce

I have acquired a 1968 ? BSA Monarch in quite new condition, fired about 30 rounds before I bought it. A few target shots shows its not consistently as accurate as I would like. So I have purchased the bedding kit off you Nathan and was just wondering if theres any information I should know before I proceed


26 Sep 2017
@ 09:01 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: BSA bedding and free floating
Hi Chris, approach this in the same manner as the Howa / Sako as shown in the instructions. The main thing is to get a good solid fill (decent thickness without getting silly) to prevent any further compression or warping.

You can send photos of your prep to me directly or you can share your screen with me via skype so that I can point out various factors. Good times for me to check via skype are at the very beginning following disassembly (basic inspection / planning), mid way through prep when doing trial fits, and just before the pour, remaining with you during the pour. Obviosuly I cannot be at the computer at all times but with a bit of planning we can time it right.

A main concern will be the trigger unit. If the trigger unit is away from the tang, the job will be fairly straight forwards. If the trigger unit is a part of the tang and needs to be left in place during bedding, then we have to be very careful, using only a small blob of compound at the tang area. In this instance, we can use electrical tape to cover the sides and rear of the trigger unit. This also applies to the Parker Hale rifles with similar trigger units.

Pillars or at least one at the rear would be very helpful when bedding this rifle.
27 Sep 2017
@ 11:47 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: BSA bedding and free floating
There's a name I recognise.
Chris after you done prep and consulted with Nathan if your still not feeling confident get a hold of me.
I'll come for cuppa and give you hand to do the final step with the compound if need be.
Last one I did done front and rear bedding and pillars.
These guns are really well made and I enjoy working on them.
The designer had a sick sense of humour though as you got to pass the bsa bolt removal IQ test.
Nathan is it alright to ask the name of the tube for pillars you mention in tikka videos
03 Jul 2018
@ 11:56 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: BSA bedding and free floating
hi guys thought i would do an update

so meet up with Chris few time like most people on this forum he's an absolute top bloke.
guns all bedded and went to the range the other day.
it's sometimes hard when we get to involved with wanting precision rifles that lot of people don't need this level of accuracy.
Chris doesn't tend to shoot animals out pass 300 yards but what he was after was confidence in his rifle.
he has got as its floating around 1 inch with factory ammo which isn't bad for the original barrel.
so it's given him the level of accuracy and confidence he wants.
will work up some handloads for him at some stage, its bit odd for me to actually be loading a light projectile for once (150gr) as Chris tends to run 150gr factory ammo.
he's of light build and a lifetime of hard labour intense work i don't want to rattle his bones to much.


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