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Re: Winchester Coyote Light

24 Sep 2017
@ 10:34 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi mark, sorry I was away bush. Stopped here yesterday just to paste Colfo's gun policy page regarding the elections.

As an answer to the first, the Coyote is basically the old push feed version of the M70. These were a very nice action however if yours has polymer floorware, you will have to be careful with torque settings, crushing, splitting etc. Otherwise these are quite often a very accurate rifle. The mag length is a true short action, no good for the 180gr.

Please see following FAQ from stocky stocks regarding small / large ring action differences (hole spacing):

Once a Mauser is bastardized, we may as well go the whole hog and cut the front out of the magazine, lengthening it like an H&H. This will give you enough room to feed the .280 rather than trying to load a 7x57AI hot. Then again, many folk try to push the .280 and .280AI past its sweet spots so its a catch 22 as to where to draw the line. But in a .280, you will at least get 2600fps. The 180gr goes really well in a 9 twist magnum but at 2600fps, you will need an 8 twist.

In the Hybrid thread, I wrote - buy the gun you really want. Be mindful of this as sometimes we blow more money trying to build something economical than if we would if we were to simply start with what we really wanted. Mauser builds often end up this way if we do not have a clear goal.

Hope that helps.


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