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Hodgdon/ADI/IMR Powder ban in EU

19 Sep 2017
@ 07:15 am (GMT)

Charles Turner

I found out recently that as of June next year Hodgdon and most IMR powder will become none compliant with EU law. This is thanks to EU project REACH which bans the import of certain harmful chemicals across all fields (see here: The chemical in this instance is a Nitro-glycerine substitute, which name escapes me.

The powders will still be available for sale after this date, but once stocks are dry thats it for us.

Non compliant powders include:


Trail Boss, Retumbo H1000 H322 H335 H380 H414 H4198 H4350 H4831 H4831SC H4895 US 869 CFE BLK BL-C2 BENCHMARK SUPERFORMANCE HYBRID 100V VARGET


I can't find a specific list, but basically it's all of them apart from the new Enduron line.

Frustratingly this still affects the UK, we won't have left by then and all EU laws are staying in place after we leave for logistical reasons (in the short the term at least).

Sooooo… Not good news on the shooting front (whether breathing in smoke containing this chemical is bad I don't know). And my Antipodean cousins should probably watch out for similar laws coming in, as these things have a habit of creeping in once politicians see others doing it. And I know your not shy of 'green' laws down there.

I'm mainly concerned with the loss of H1000 and Retumbo. I know Vhit N560/570 are very good, but the temp tolerance of the Hodgdons appeals to me. So I was researching and came across IMR 7977. It appears to be a direct substitute for H1000, and claims to be temp insensitive. From looking at load data it seems to be very similar.

For EG. 28 Nosler, 175 Part
Hodgdon H1000 Start: 72.8 2,864fps 57,300 PSI Max: 77.5 2,996 63,800 PSI

IMR IMR 7977 Start: 71.6 2,792 54,600 PSI Max: 77.0 2,973 63,400 PSI

28 Nosler 180 Berger
Hodgdon H1000 Start: 74.8 2,830 55,100 PSI Max: 79.6 2,976 62,400 PSI

The Enduron line also has direct replacements for Varget, H4350, H4831. So could be worth looking at.

Does any one have any experience with these powders? Or could any one suggest any others? H4350 and H1000 especially are responsible for so many super accurate loads, it's going to be a PITA for a lot of people.


19 Sep 2017
@ 07:18 am (GMT)

Charles Turner

Re: Hodgdon/ADI/IMR Powder ban in EU
Edit: I forgot the 180 berger comparison.

IMR IMR 7977 Start:73.7 2,761fps 52,500 PSI Max: 78.5 2,957fps 62,600 PSI
19 Sep 2017
@ 08:06 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hodgdon/ADI/IMR Powder ban in EU
Well, one has to wonder where that leaves you with regards to factory ammo which is loaded with these same powders. I am surprised the house of Lords has not thought of how this will effect their own hunting practices if factory ammo is affected. No doubt your military brass are scratching there heads at this.

I take it this means that you will also have trouble getting powders across the channel from Europe. Norma 204 and Vihtavouri N150 has an identical burn rate to 4350 while Vihtavouri N170 is very good in the magnums.

In any case, there are others coming along now. You may find that all powders will be improved in time regardless of laws and that the powder makers are staying ahead of the curve. I believe ADI have been slowly preparing to change powder manufacturing (both product and production techniques) over the long term so our beloved ADI / Hodgdon powders may become obsolete in the future anyway. I have only worked with one of these powders so far (fast burn rate) and it seems to perform to spec without issues, no false advertising though perhaps a little heavy on the hype.

You will prevail. We will prevail.
19 Sep 2017
@ 09:48 am (GMT)

Charles Turner

Re: Hodgdon/ADI/IMR Powder ban in EU
Hi Nathan. This is an EU directive, so whilst we're still a part of it we have no choice. It's one of the main reasons the UK is leaving the EU. EU law making doesn't involve decision making from constituent countries parliaments.

I imagine that the military will stock pile enough to use until we leave the EU, or the government will turn a blind eye while they carry on importing. I have no idea who makes UK mil ammo though.

All European manufactured powders comply. So we've got plenty of options but just no Hodgdon/IMR. And no trouble getting powder across from Europe. Powder supply is fine in the UK. I guess because rifle shooting isn't hugely popular, and hand loading even less so, the demand doesn't outstrip supply.

As you rightly pointed out the elephant in the room is factory ammo. I assume that most US factory ammo will/should be off limits, but this seems to have gone without mention. It will be a huge shame to loose Hornady factory ammo in my opinion. Norma make very good factory ammo too, but it's very expensive.

I'm sure European manufacturers will use this as an opportunity. But less options and higher prices are never good.
19 Sep 2017
@ 11:11 am (GMT)

Charles Turner

Re: Hodgdon/ADI/IMR Powder ban in EU
Much more info here for those interested:


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.