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Tikka Torques

18 Sep 2017
@ 11:45 am (GMT)

Dan Keene

Hi Guys,
The old Tikka T3 Synthetic was bit bit sensitive to action screw torques. If you overtightened them the stock splayed and was forever buggered!
The torque for them was 35 inch pounds although this was not published by Tikka.
I see that the new T3X in synthetic now has an action screw torque recommended by Tikka of 62 inch pounds.
I do not have an old type stock on hand to see how it may have changed to accommodate the extra torque.
Any one have an idea why it would be so much more?
Thank you in advance.


18 Sep 2017
@ 12:08 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka Torques
Hi Dan, I am not sure if Tikka ever recommended 35 inch-lb. This was my max recommendation following intensive experimentation. So I am not sure about that first question. I know that my own recommendations are now wide spread so it may seem as though it came from Tikka.

As for 62 inch-lb. This can only be achieved (regarding accuracy) on the factory rifles fitted with ali bottom metal. This is the key factor as shown in the Tikka video series. That or pillar bedding, utilizing protruding pillars, a tricky affair which I again showed first hand in the vids and required ongoing torque experimentation towards the final outcome.

The two ongoing factors are the downward force causing the action to ride the lug along with floor ware issues. It took me 4.5 hours of footage to work through all of this.

It would not surprise me if the manufacturer has mixed up instructions for all models, such things happen.

Unfortunately, this can be a very finicky rifle so you are quite right to question this.
18 Sep 2017
@ 04:33 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Tikka Torques
I seem to remember seeing the same figures as you had worked out Nathan being quoted from Beretta at some stage later on.......... reckon it may have been a press release showing why the Tikka was so good & everyone needed one.
Don't trust my memory though, hahahaaa!

Maybe they are quoting (or mixed up with) the spec for the CTR model with alloy bottom metal Dan?
I'm sure the T3X varmint we are messing with has the same plastic setup with captive washer as the original T3.
04 Oct 2017
@ 01:00 am (GMT)

Aussie Hunter

Re: Tikka Torques
L looked all over the web for a correct torque. Someone said Beretta quoted just keep it tight, another quoted a list of recomended torques from Nathan.

i recieved My T3 CTR, clearance special in 7mm-08. i watched Nathans part 1 video, i checked the factory torque before dissasembly, from memory it was about 28 inch pounds, i started just at around 25 slowly adjusting the the torque wrench up as i went. i have a Wheeler fat wrench and a borka torque wrench which is set up completely different.

I played with it and followed break in procedure and shot 1moa on an average day, i didnt make a note of the torque AAahhh probably went back at Nathans Spec

Anyway Ive shot a stack of foxes a few pigs and a feral cat, so far so good , collecting cases from factory loads and will do some testing and try for good groups soon.
04 Oct 2017
@ 03:13 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Tikka Torques
I use 35 inch pounds but below is what Nathan recommended at one point for toque settings on various rifle stocks:

Torque settings for action screw settings (lubricated with either grease or Loctite 248 stick):

Plastic stock rifles with floating lug: 35 inch-lbs

Plastic stock with floating lug, bedded: 55 inch-lbs

Plastic stock rifle, unbedded: 40-45 inch-lbs

Plastic stock rifle, bedded (e.g. SPS): 55 inch-lbs

Plastic stock with pillars (Hogue): 55-60 inch-lbs

Glass stock rifle with unknown fill: 40-45 inch-lbs

Glass stock rifle with ali chassis: 55-60 inch-lbs

Wood stock rifle with floating lug: 35 inch-lbs

Wood stock, bedded or unbedded but without pillars: 40-45 inch-lbs

Wood stock rifle, pillar bedded: 55-60 inch-lbs

Laminate stock rifle, bedded or unbedded but without pillars: 40-45 inch-lbs

Laminate pillar bedded rifle: 55-60 inch-lbs

Ali chassis/tube rifle: 55-60 inch-lbs

You may have noticed that I rated the laminate stocks to 40-45 inch-lbs. This is because on occasion a laminate stock will delaminate under heavy torque. If you want the very best out of a laminate, I suggest pillar bedding.

The following are my recommendations for bases and rings, lubricated with Loctite 248 stick:

Base screws: 18 to 25 inch-lbs

Ring screws: 20 to 25 inch-lbs

Ring cross bolts: 45 inch-lbs”
05 Oct 2017
@ 12:19 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: Tikka Torques
Thank yoy Gentlemen.
Most useful.
Bryan, I will be sticking yours on the wall for reference.
06 Oct 2017
@ 03:56 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Tikka Torques
Thank yoy Gentlemen.
Most useful.
Bryan, I will be sticking yours on the wall for reference.

Dan, you will have to thank Nathan for that list. I could not recall where I found it but could be from one of his books. Sorry Nathan but I saw this as something really missing for people.


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