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Hornady 243 - 6mm 103gr ELD-X

10 Sep 2017
@ 04:26 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Anyone have experience with this projectile yet?

I would like to try it in my 6mm AI for normal hunting ranges for ferrel pigs, Chitel Deer and rabbits above 150 yards.



11 Sep 2017
@ 12:32 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Hornady 243 - 6mm 103gr ELD-X

I've got a buddy that uses these for large whitetail, and I know Chital deer well. In that caliber, this type of projectile weight would be perfect. If wounded, they will seek the thickest stuff they can find to lie down and hide, and many times it's almost impossible to see them the shadows of bushes or trees even if you've tracked them by blood. My experience is 400 yards and less with these animals. I can't say anything about this projectile beyond 400. If you can use the shot that Nathan describes just in front of the front leg, this type of projectile will get the job done quickly every time.
17 Sep 2017
@ 02:16 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hornady 243 - 6mm 103gr ELD-X
Hi mark, this is in essence a high BC variation of the 95gr SST, but with a touch extra weight. This is a very good bullet design. It is limitations are relative to the bore diameter rather than the actual bullet design. Hornady have done their best to provide us with a bullet that retains velocity which equates to more than just a flat trajectory. Couple high retained velocity with a wide meplat and the result is increased wounding potential. This bullet also suits the now common 8 twist bores such as found in the Ruger American (6mm Creedmore).

All of these things aside, the ELD-X produces wounding akin to the SST at like velocities. If you have experience with one, you can interpolate this to other, within reason.

If you look through the recent threads here, there is a .243 discussion where we have been talking about the .243 loaded with this type of bullet. Please see my comments in that thread regarding wild pigs.
17 Sep 2017
@ 02:25 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hornady 243 - 6mm 103gr ELD-X
Sorry, just to clarify exact twist data:

Ruger 6mm Creedmore 1:7.7 twist.

Ruger .243 1:9 twist.

The 9 twist a good compromise between the tradional 10 and modern 8, allowing the hunter some room for experimentation. This twist can however limit top velocities (regarding stability) with lighter bullets.

In both 9 and 10 twist bores, experimentation is the key (both bullet weights and charge rates, working both up and down.
17 Sep 2017
@ 05:35 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Hornady 243 - 6mm 103gr ELD-X
Thanks Nathan, just the information I



We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.