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338 RCM Heavy bullet load?

07 Sep 2017
@ 08:43 am (GMT)

James Knight

I'm thinking a heavy round nose, old school style, would be lots of fun to hunt the timber with. Anyone know if 2400fps can be reached with the Woodleigh 300 sn? If so, does anyone have QL data for it? thanks


07 Sep 2017
@ 11:28 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 338 RCM Heavy bullet load?
HI James
Have a read of this thread it might help

My take on things is if we look at the smaller say quarter bores and smaller we have to be weary of to much energy transfer and not enough penetration, that's why you have to be careful with matching projectiles to game weights.
Now when when we move towards the bigger bores 338,358 etc we have to be careful of to much penetration and not enough energy transfer.
Once again we have to match projectiles to game weight.
We can look at construction of a projectile to help but we can also drop the weight down to decrease S.D to help make sure more energy is transfered to the animal.
08 Sep 2017
@ 07:46 am (GMT)

James Knight

Re: 338 RCM Heavy bullet load?
That's true. I was trying to find how how close tot he old 9.3x62 this cartridge would come. Another friend just sent me QL data. With R26 and at 61.5K a almost 2700 is available for the Hornady 250RN and a bit over 2400/R26, same pressure with the 300 Woodleigh! I shot a 200# Eurasian hog awhile back with the 310 Woodleigh/35 WAI going 2414. Range was 30 steps, it made a 40cal hole going in with a 75cal coming out, blew chunks of lung/heart/bllod spray in a big fan shape. and yes, I 'did" eat "right up to the bullet hole", ha. I was impressed as I didn't think it would be soft enough to open at that range, not really. I went on to ther calibers, now have this project. I will settle on a 200gr Premium of some sort but like the big heavy rn for timber on elk/big hogs. I'm "assuming" the Hornady 2600+ 250rn will hang tough? Of course, don't know if this rifle will even like them yet, but good to know the potential is there. But, just based on that one example, I sure like Woodleighs! :)
22 Sep 2017
@ 07:39 am (GMT)

James Knight

Re: 338 RCM Heavy bullet load?
I found a Mod 77 338WM for a nice price. I'm just going with it, but still would like opinions on a heavy for close up but one that will also work out at 400yds?


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