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Re: The official Remington Custom Shop "Terminal Ballistics Ultimate Long Range Rifle" thread

06 Sep 2017
@ 08:55 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Very funny Luke. I am sure that in the instruction booklet, the words "Hold it like a man" would not go amiss.

Both Dave Manson and I are still surprised how fast the Practical reamers have been selling. We also had dies made. Dave's share of the order was sold before I could even make announcements, am not sure if he has any left. I am currently withholding putting the dies up for sale on our site as we have upgraded the seater stem further. All dies whether sold or yet to be sold will be fitted with these optimized stems. I won't take any pre-orders with these dies as it just gets too confusing and we will end up selling out pre-orders of our stock plus pre-orders for the next shipment. I would rather keep it simple.

There have certainly been some nice rifles available through the Remington Custom Shop over the years.

I also sometimes wonder if Ruger might benefit from 'thinking premium' in a broader sense. Ruger generally try to be innovative, but will then use very poor materials to produce budget rifles (such as the American) when if some of the same methodology was applied to a premium rifle, the results might be outstanding to say the very least. But alas, if I was involved, I dare say there would be a lot of scowling. I prefer to do what is right, not what is easy or simply what the customer wants. That way- the customer actually gets what he needs and then finally discovers that this is what he wanted all along.


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