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evolution HD rifle chassis

09 Mar 2013
@ 08:44 pm (GMT)

Donald Stewart

hi nathan , got the book and bedding compound thanks .just getting into long rang bunny shoot GREAT FUN have LH rem 700 sps vx6 3-18 nz made sg stock and just go a pair of geovids that reloaders are sell cheap so money is a bit tight for my new gun , so i am starting to buy parts for my new bunny gun . what do you think about the evolution HD rifle chassis thanks


11 Mar 2013
@ 01:26 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: evolution HD rifle chassis
Hi Donald, if you base observations of the Evolution Chassis on initial appearances, the chassis looks very advanced, very technical. But on closer inspection you will find that the materials chosen and methods of assembly are based on maximum simplicity when one considers the shapes/sizes/styles of material available from steel suppliers. Simple is GOOD.

You'll need to determine whether the weight is going to be OK for you, other than that, it is up to you. Average LR stocks weigh anything from 2 to 3lb. The Evolution weighs 3-4lb depending on the action length which is not too bad. At opposite extremes we have the ultra light stocks such as your carbon fiber stock for the M700 with its solid epoxy action area, versus larger aluminum chassis which can weigh, depending on brand, up to around 9lb- the weight of a traditional sporting rifle!

You will not be able to bed this chassis so please follow the instructions in the long range book regarding rigid mounting.
14 Mar 2013
@ 02:51 am (GMT)

Donald Stewart

Re: evolution HD rifle chassis
hi , thanks for that , after reading your book i will say no . i am right handed but shoot left handed because of a week eye ,thought a stock with a lot of adjustment would be good . i don't want a stock i have to glue in


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