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Re: 6,5x55 won't chamber my reloads

22 Aug 2017
@ 07:32 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Arve, the top blind screws are made of rubber so should not cause any major issues but yes, we should always avoid any protrusion from the top or bottom.

Yes, if the front action screw is protruding, it will need to be ground back a touch. This is very important as it can both gouge the lower bolt locking lug and also upset accuracy terribly. And yes, it will effect how the bolt feels when opening and closing.

Yes, shoot the rifle at 30 inch-lb and see how you get on.

Note for others: protruding scope base screws can severely upset accuracy- a common problem on the Win M70 due to the many variations in action finish versus scope bases (Lane take note regarding your new rig). When doing up the scope base screws at the front of any rifle but particularly the M70, do a dummy test first. Do the front most screw up, then try to wriggle the base. If the base wriggles, it means that the screw is touching the barrel threads, not the base. If so, the screw needs to be ground back. Once this has been sorted, do up the rear screw and check for protrusion. For example, you can put vivid marker pen on the sides of the locking lugs to check for any scratching. Rear scope base screws also need to be checked for protrusion.


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