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7mm-08 popular in NZ? Need an Aussie load

17 Aug 2017
@ 12:17 am (GMT)

Aussie Hunter

so i bought a 7mm-08 on a whim because i wanted another rifle, considered various cals and started a compact .223 thread.

What i found was a CTR Tikka on special in .243 or 7mm-08, not a .223 or even the .300blk i had considered to use from the car but rather a calibre i had wanted to try.

i referred to it as a Tupperware Tikka but thats a bit long so i think i will call her Ugly Betty, i wont be leaving home without her once we get together.

I have the dealer getting me some prices on 200 rounds of factoy ammo and will start reloading once i fire off the first 100,

The transferring dealer in a small town did not have ammo or has not sold one, he said though a rep told him its a popular calibre in NZ.

so i want to find some projectiles for it. it seems they start just over $60 per 100 with some Noslers etc around $80 per 100 from big online stores, being i want to use it from the car id like to stay on the lighter side but find a load that will drop smallish pigs etc too.
i hope to go target some dingoes once i get it set up and find an accurate load and get comfortable with 200 meters or a bit over.
i do like nosler BT Varmint 55s in my .223. i have shot plenty of stuff with these and cleanly head shot 50kg pigs but they dont all line up and wait.
this new rifle is completely different but i want to develop one load if possible, Im pretty sure foxes wont like whatever it is and they are the most common thing that i am shooting from the car.


17 Aug 2017
@ 02:41 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 7mm-08 popular in NZ? Need an Aussie load
One 7mm-08 we have here really does well with H414 powder. You can visit the Hodgdon web site where you can get their starting loads to work up one for your rifle.
17 Aug 2017
@ 12:30 pm (GMT)

Christopher Howse

Re: 7mm-08 popular in NZ? Need an Aussie load
Thanks, due to transport laws on dangerous goods shops in my state are struggling with sourcing powder or stocking any eral quantity so the range and availability can be scarce.
Thales make powder in Australia it was originally Mulwex, then ADI, and now owned by thales but some Hogdon powders are actually rebranded ADI powders, our AR2208 is varget for example.

That link should take you to an powder equivalents chart. i have emailed their tech enquiries people with specific questions and they reply with the info required.

Eg our AR2206H can safelybe used at 60% of the max charge to get reduced loads.
trailboss can be used for light loads and subsonics in many calibres too.
18 Aug 2017
@ 06:13 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 7mm-08 popular in NZ? Need an Aussie load
looking at what your shooting.
im thinking the sst/eld-x might be a good projectile to start and try 2208
19 Aug 2017
@ 02:09 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: 7mm-08 popular in NZ? Need an Aussie load
I use Benchmark 8208 with 162 AMax and 120 VMax for my 7mm08. I see no need for any other 7mm, I am not good enough for over 900m in truth 600m pulls me up.

I would use either for fox but stick with AMax or ELDm for pigs and deer



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