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Bullet Swaging??

15 Aug 2017
@ 04:55 am (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

A while ago, Nathan mentioned bullet swaging. Has anyone here done this. I understand the concept but am having a hard time getting "How To" information on this. I want to take some 6.5 bullets and possibly swage them to .257. What happens to the cup and core bullets during swaging? My only exposure to swaging was cast bullets 30 years ago. My mentor is long gone.
THanks for any help.


15 Aug 2017
@ 10:02 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bullet Swaging??
Hi Shawn, we are still mucking around with this. The trouble is, it can require quite significant press pressures but along with this, if the bullet has a boat tail, the ram used to push the bullet through the die must have a boat tail shape to support the bullet.

Unfortunately, there is a lot that go wrong, even with a small step down so its a matter of tinkering and just trying your best. The guys at True-Flite have for some time been experimenting with other methods as time allows, but again, its all trial and error.

I know just where you are coming from with this Shawn. Even if twist rates lead to abysmal failures, the act of experimentation is a reward in itself.
18 Aug 2017
@ 01:24 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Bullet Swaging??
Thanks for the reply Nathan.. About 3 months ago I purchased a book by Warren Page about "Accurate rifles" and it kind of opened my eyes to some of the local history of bench rest shooting. The Pine Tree Rifle Club, which is mentioned in the book, is nearly in my back yard. The tinkers of that era were plenty. I was reading a local paper about an auction and recognized a name from the book.. Some of the contents of the auction happened to be swagging stuff.. I did not know enough about them to purchase them. Just going to the auction wetted my curiosity and I met some folk who were on the same page as me. One happens to be a machinists (who I worked with many years ago), another a dentist who makes his own bullets, and quite a few shooters who were just curious. Apparently the benchresters from a different era swagged their bullets to improve them. AS I said, I'm new to this but I do have partners in crime now and it appears we are thinking alike. [b]
18 Aug 2017
@ 05:55 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Bullet Swaging??
hi Shawn
i did muck around with sizing 7mm down to 270 for bit.
few things i learnt, cast sizing kits tend to cut more then squeeze so they don't really work.
lee full length sizing dies have pretty good angles for sizing, i could almost get it to work sizing them through 243 die with mandrel removed but needed lathe to open some up to do them in stages.
you might be able to try 223 and 204 dies perhaps?

i knew a machinist that had a 270wsm so he mucked around making a sizing die but i don't think he understood the need for a slow taper to get it right, so the one he made didn't work.

ch4d do sizing dies for jacketed projectiles, i was very close to ordering some but couldn't justify the cost at the time.
19 Aug 2017
@ 01:49 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Bullet Swaging??
Tom, thanks for your reply.. I'm trying to read up on this and talk to previous swaggers. Hence my need to go to the auction. Unfortunately the equipment that was for sale went as a lot for more than I wanted to spend. Later on I found out that it was for small caliber stuff. The few people I met that day are muckers or tinkerers. There was some very interesting conversation going on. No bullshitting, or one upmanship.. I think we are all at a point that we don't feel the need to impress. More to follow.
18 Sep 2017
@ 12:15 pm (GMT)

Guillermo Trotz

Re: Bullet Swaging??
Hi to all
I use some bullets after swagged it:
Sierra gameking 375 caliber 250 gr. swagged to .366 and use it in 9.3x62 and 9.3x64 , good results.
Here when we start playing with the 9.3 ,there were no bullets.
It works very good specially in 9.3x62.
Also swagged .323 bullets to .318 for an old 8x57
I do some moore , 358 to .353 for a mannlicher 9x56 ,also .323 to 321 for a 32 win special.
A machinist make me the dies and I use a standard rockchuquer press
I also try with the full metal 375 but dont like the result.
Hope this aport something
09 Jul 2018
@ 07:39 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Bullet Swaging??
Hey guys check out this crowd for swaging bullets
11 Jul 2018
@ 03:54 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Bullet Swaging??
I spoke with Dave Corbin of Corbin Manufacturing last year about drawing some 6.5 bullets down to 257 cal. I was under the impression this was Swaging and was corrected. I had hoped to get some higher BC bullets by taking a heavier 6.5 bullet and drawing it down. There was a cash outlay.. but Dave mentioned you can only draw a bullet down so far before you run into issues. Going from a .264 to .257 was at the upper limit (.007"). He said there were no guarantees because the jacket could springback and separate from the core. At that point I decided to wait and see what was coming available in higher BC bullets for the 257. I purchased some boutique bullets with "higher BC" and ws not impressed with the accuracy at this point. Mind you I was shooting them out of a 257AI with a 1-10 twist. At that point I went back to shooting 115 gr partitions out of my 257 and started using my 264 mag with some of the newer 65 bullets. It's all good. No need to chase my tail anymore.


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