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Long range rig: Rem 700 Sendero 300 Win Mag

07 Mar 2013
@ 10:23 am (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Hi all, folks!

I´m decided to get a long range rifle. I have many rifles and just a few time, so I will sell some of them to save money and get a “pure” long range rifle (and components) and invest my efforts with it. As a custom built is far away of my budget, and after reading Nathan´s book, I think the Sendero is the best option.

As I have a 270 win and a 264 win mag sporter rifles, I think that the best choice (between 7 rem mag/ 300 win mag/ 7 RUM/ 300 RUM) is a 300 win mag. Mi targets will be wild hogs and red deer, so the 7 rem mag will be enough, but it´s really close to the 264 wm. I discarded the RUMs for the recoil (I don´t want a muzzle break as I hunt with a teckel dog –real great to follow blood tracks-) and because I think a 300 win mag has plenty of power for my needs. I don´t like the “win mag” belted case design, but it´s undeniable that it has proven itself as a really accurate and powerful round!

Just wondering if someone could tell some tricks or experience with this rig.

I will use a sightron SII big sky 6-24x42. Will fit on a canted one piece base (20 MOA warne steel base). I just find Burris “Signature” rings as the most close to Nathan´s posi-align recommendation. This rings have the inserts, so this wil work. I can use another rings as I hand lapped the rings prior to mount the scope.

I have a match grade bedding compound kit waiting to bed the rifle. I have had a 7 RUM Sendero in my hands at a local store, and the end of the stock seem to flex under a few pressure. It´s a good idea to stabilize the stock with matchgrade?

Will buy a timney and try to sell the factory trigger. This will be expensive, but Timney triggers are nice!

I´m planning to shot the 208 AMAX. I have post a boring long post about brass preparation, and now just wondering how much speed can I get with that rifle/bullet. The 178 AMAX will be enough for my purposes, but I read somewhere that the sendero has a long troat, wich, combined with the long magazine, can make a good combo. I mean, the 208 AMAX could be more efficient, and has better BC to deal with the wind. Nathan stated that this load will be between 2800 and 2950 in a 300WM, just want to know if the sendero used to be in the slow or fast side.

Any recommendation, advice, suggestion, etc will be appreciated.

I apologize for my English mistakes.



07 Mar 2013
@ 03:33 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Long range rig: Rem 700 Sendero 300 Win Mag
Hi Alvaro, I will be covering all of this in the next book.

All .300WM rifles have a what is considered a long throat if using factory ammo. When the .300 was initially designed and released, many rifles had (and still have) rather short magazine boxes, even though they were stated as being long actions. The .300 had its factory ammo seated in such a way that it could be housed in a variety of actions. I do not know whether Winchester designed the cartridge so that they could capitolize on ammo sales (as in other gun manufacturers chambering the .300) or whether the .300 was simply loaded this way so that initial nfactory loads could be loaded rather hot and utilize the freebore for a longer and slower pressure curve. Who knows.

With Hand loads, the .300WM is not long throated unless using 150gr bullets. The design is about perfect for 180gr bullets and heavier, working exceptionally well with the 208gr A-max. I think from Spain, if you can, try to get hold of some Vitavouhri N165 powder for the heavy 208gr bullet.

Each Sendero is different as far as velocity generation goes. I have seen velocities as high as 2950fps from a Sendero but please do not focus on velocities, the cartridge will perform well even at 2800fps. Actually, I spoke to a hunter using the 208gr soft loaded to 2700fps last week. The hunter has been extremely happy with this, though I do not know how far he is shooting beyond 600-700 yards.


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