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Tmk without tips in 30-30

09 Aug 2017
@ 10:51 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

HI guys just mucking around with a 30-30 at the moment, looking at the 30 Cal tmk and seeing how big the tip is, I'm wondering if I pull tip off them would it be safe in a tube mag.

Also has anyone ever had a 30-30 improved, the 30-30 looks like it would have good returns from ai treatment. Apparently returns are around 100-150fps returns but not sure what barrel length that's taken from.


09 Aug 2017
@ 12:19 pm (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Re: Tmk without tips in 30-30
I suspect that even with the tip removed those Sierra TMK'S may still not function in a tube mag due to the long ogive. I've been fooling around a little with a similar idea for the 30-30 and found that the Speer 150 gr btsp works perfectly in my Marlin 30-30s with the lead tip cut off flush to the copper jacket. That 150 gr Speer btsp has a fairly stubby ogive for a boat tail and by playing around a little with the seating depth on some dummy rounds I could get them to function perfectly from the tube magazine. I am planning on loading some up (hopefully soon) and shoot them for accuracy. I think at around 2400 fps that speer btsp (flat pointed) could make for a dandy open country deer load.
11 Aug 2017
@ 07:43 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tmk without tips in 30-30
Hi Thomas, I am always hesitant about pointed bullets in tube mags, especially when I am expected to give advice. I know others do it without issues. If you really want to run HP's, I suggest you try to put a dab of (protruding) silicon in the tips seeing as this is something you have on hand regarding your trade. This may however be hard to work with in such small amounts. Soft bog can work too (poor mix ratio), and is a bit easier to shape though still tedious.
18 Aug 2017
@ 06:02 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Tmk without tips in 30-30
thanks Nathan
should of thought about that its plumbing 101 what ever the problem silicon is the solution.

Luke i only got 175gr on hand and they are touch to long as you thought.
the 168gr might be alright but the 155gr would probably be best bet


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