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bent scope tube

06 Jul 2017
@ 12:10 pm (GMT)

jason brown

just a heads up,
I stood my little tikka on it's butt resting against a desk in my house. it slid down scope first onto the carpet and has bent the scope tube or body, on my s2 bigsky. I didn't think it would bend this easy, but it has.
If your like me, maybe take more care, maybe this will help someone.


07 Jul 2017
@ 09:20 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: bent scope tube
Was this on your varmint rifle Jason? The varmints do have a bit of weight when they fall. This is the one downside of a long 25mm tube regardless of the brand. The cross sectional strength simply cannot compare with a 30mm. One can also therefore see how an extra thick 30mm Nightforce has merit as a military scope, though weight can become an issue over distance on an already heavy rig. Certainly a mixture of pros and cons.

Off topic, Jason, I have not been able to find a lockable (non copy) memory stick for the Tikka series. For now, we are going to stick to online rental only.
07 Jul 2017
@ 05:45 pm (GMT)

jason brown

Re: bent scope tube
No this was on a standard little 223 t3x.
Iv emailed sightron to see a course of action. If I took the 20moa rail off I might be right. But it's off to the side as well, I'm not sure what this will do for dialing the scope. It's not my main long range scope so if it's too expensive I may still use it for back yard rabbits.
Just mostly a piss off, and surprised how easy it bent.

Yes, I thought maybe you hadn't found something. I'm not even too fussed about doing the bedding job. To be honest I fear I'm slowly loosing interest in shooting, or hunting at least it's the loss of hunting ground and available time to go hunting/shooting My 7 mag needs a barrel and I now have a motorbike project. So it could be the beginning of the end, not that I want it to end, my freezer is empty!
I will always shoot, maybe just not as much.
07 Aug 2017
@ 02:10 pm (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: bent scope tube
just wondering Jason
did you get any joy from emailing sightron?
what was there customer service like?
I think a few of us are genuinely interested to know the out come
regards Mark


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