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New B&C rifle stocks

06 Jul 2017
@ 09:15 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

I was just on the B&C stock web site and noted there were some decent new stocks.

One thing caught my eye was the steel recoil lug in the Tikka stocks.


06 Jul 2017
@ 09:22 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: New B&C rifle stocks
Sorry, but the recoil lug thing should read does not have a steel recoil lug as does the Manners stock for the Tikka.
11 Jul 2017
@ 09:39 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New B&C rifle stocks
Hi Bryan, sorry for the late reply. The B&C has a fixed lug built into the chassis. Some line up, some don't- due to the limitations of rifle to rifle versus stock to stock tolerances. I spoke to the CEO of B&C at SHOT about this. He was very nice to talk to and gave me the entire back story on the stock.

In any case, to properly align the action to its bedding, the lug has to be milled or drilled out, then replaced with a properly aligned lug combined with epoxy bedding. I covered this in detail in the Accurizing book with more detail given in Tikka bedding videos.

Another option is to glue and screw as per the Accurizing book. But you must wait for the glue to set before applying torque to the action screws as you may stress the action.

As mentioned, some stocks do mate well to the action and accuracy is outstanding. In other instances, the chassis and or lug alingment is poor and can stress the action. Such things are to be expected. There is simply no substitute for epoxy bedding.


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