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The 9.3's

25 Jun 2017
@ 11:56 am (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

I have just seen and done the first read on the 9.3x57 and 9.3x62 and didn't see anything posted on them so I thought I'd get the ball rolling on a discussion thread! :)

Let me be first to thank Nathan for putting in the research and doing these write ups that are free of charge on the knowledge base. Really good write ups and as the knowledge base grows I like the additional insights you put into your write ups that aren't cartridge specific. I especially like the comment about shooting fantasy animals and giant space worms haha!! Ya it is tempting for us regular folk that mostly hunt deer and the odd meat black bear or hog to get ourselves a proper cannon 'Africa capable' and dream of slaying all manner of giant and deadly beasts... I myself have contemplated a 9.3 or maybe even a 375 just about for those reasons. But alas I always seem to come back to reality and realize I could hunt the rest of my life with my ol' 30-06 and never really feel that under gunned... but hey we can dream though right?



25 Jun 2017
@ 01:25 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The 9.3's
Thank you Luke, very nice of you to notice. Yes, I held back on the announcement. I am due to write a blog and didn't want to annoy you all with a double up. But I was also wondering if or when the 9.3's would be noticed. I don't expect to win any popularity awards with those articles. It is what it is.

I am glad that you were able to get what I was driving at. Thanks for your kind words. I think the fantasy thing is quite fine. I just wish bullet makers would have a better understanding of how to make the best of this so that the end user can have his cake and eat it. Its all doable as has been proven with the Whelen along with a few select (but hard to come by) bullets in the 9.3 bore.

Yes, giant space worms. How can we ever forget that. I must introduce Riley to the movie Tremors in a few years time, then wait under her bed when she goes to brush her teeth.
25 Jun 2017
@ 02:06 pm (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Re: The 9.3's
I guess outside Europe the 9.3 aren't all that popular but at least here in Canada they are getting some attention. Between the new Tikka/Sako's and one local importer carrying the old Husky's in 6.5-9.3mm they are actually have a fairly decent availability here.
25 Jun 2017
@ 10:17 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: The 9.3's
I quite enjoyed these reads too. I don't think I'll head down the road of purchasing a rifle in this calibre but interesting nonetheless. I do love you're style of writing Nathan. Very easy and enjoyable.

Can't wait for the 44 stuff :)
27 Jun 2017
@ 08:57 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: The 9.3's
The 9.3X62 has a reasonable following here in South Eastern OZ for Sambar deer hunting and it's a role that it performs well in as Nathan has written.

Using the 250gn Woodleigh RN and have taken all sized Sambar with deliberately changing shot placement out to 70 yards. This combination has noticeably more knockdown than our 06-180 Partition (as you'd probably expect). Given my time over l'm not sure if l'd make the change again. The 30 calibre is just so damn versatile in multiple roles as we've said on here many times.

If only we had more projectiles to choose from....................


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