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pinched mag box

19 Jun 2017
@ 02:46 pm (GMT)


Hi Guys,
I feel a bit of a fool again, also need to praise Nathan some more.

I got a custom rifle built recently, all seemed pretty good but had some trouble repeating optimum loads tested.

I failed to check mag box (assuming would have been checked and everything seemed in order).

Anyway, referring back to the books for the problems I was having..... I found the mag box pinched plus or perhaps subsequently since trimming mag box to fit, the trigger guard then pinched the safety.

All very clearly laid out in the accurizing book, big ups to Nathan.....duhh me.

Anyway, I think i know the answer to this, I presume all my load development means nothing now & start again from scratch??


19 Jun 2017
@ 04:40 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: pinched mag box
true enough, but from the shooting you already did, you also will know where the upper limits are where pressures are getting too much and this is useful.
19 Jun 2017
@ 06:21 pm (GMT)


Re: pinched mag box
Good point thanks Bryan, I got velocities for the loads as well. So not all lost. I had a lot of tidy triangular 3 shot groups, pondered if it was worth retesting tighter groups previously tested first but I expect best go back to start. Previous groups some what meaningless now.
20 Jun 2017
@ 10:39 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: pinched mag box
Yes, it might pay to work through again. Good that you found the glitch though.


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