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Re: Howa Project

17 Jun 2017
@ 06:46 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hey all, final update for this thread.

I got the same OSA (Outdoor Sporting Agencies) ammo: Buffalo River with the Sierra 135gr Hollow Points.

Range was 100yds and wind was non-existant. Shooting from a bench with bags as rests.

Managed this group: 0.098Mil or 0.338MOA, you can see the fouling shot to the right.

Then this one: this was the final group. There was some fiddling with the scope but this group is right on centre and 1 mil high (approx 4 inches). This group was 0.093Mil or 0.319MOA

In all seriousness if you're thinking of getting the books, do it, if you think it's all too much, let me encourage you to take the plunge and learn so very much with great support from Nathan along the way.

This isn't a $5000+ rifle with $2000+ bench rests, it's a Howa that had a bit of TLC and shoots like a dream.

Jump in and get it done.


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