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Re: 175 eld x length problems 7mm practical

27 May 2017
@ 07:48 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Hi Greg
been reading post and learning a lot.
i tend to think of things less of f#@k up and more of an advance learning curve.
i did wonder if it would be worth changing to a precision platform and wyatt bottom metal to.
you could probably not lose to much if you sell your stock and magazine to some tacticool commando type

this is a thread on the precision platform stocks

on the 225 eld-m i have been using them in a 308 norma mag ( close to a 30/7mm rem mag) man oh man do i think im in love hahaha.
still testing but they are easy to work with and are rockets.
im seeing great merit in the 30 nosler design being a 2.5 magnum and using the 225gr as you would achieve greater velocity then the win mag but have a short coal, meaning they'll fit in magazines a lot easier provided the wide case doesn't cause any feeding issues


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