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prone position in long grass

19 Feb 2013
@ 09:41 pm (GMT)

jason brown

this maybe a silly question, but im not 100% if, when your shooting in the bush a small stick can make the bullet go of course...
can the same thing happen when shooting in the prone position with some long grass around?
i try to minimize it by being on a hill top or something, but i often still get some in front of the muzzle.


20 Feb 2013
@ 06:39 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: prone position in long grass
Hi Jas, yes its a big deal.

When we shoot through electrical tape (though I remove tape before shooting long range), air which is trapped in the bore is forced ahead of the bullet which then bursts the tape. But once the bullet leaves the bore, there is nothing in front of the bullet to shelter it. At a microscopic level and as I understand it, there is a pressure wave ahead of the bullet but this is irrelevant here.

Gases from the bore are no help here. I have noticed that if I fire a shot from a magnum (3100fps) along side the chrony rather than over it, I get readings of around 1100fps, so the gases and powder residues decelerate rapidly.

So if grass or a thistle etc is encountered, the bullet can be sent way off course. You can test this to confirm results if you wish. I have seen it a few times. New hunters will often get caught out by seeing a clear view through their optics, but not remembering that the optics are mounted 1.5-2" above the center line of the bore. The resulting shot cuts a furrow through a mound of dirt/grass out in front of the hunter or hits grass which goes unnoticed. But we can all get caught out no matter our experience level- if we lax up on checking what is out front.

At the other end, there is also a risk of grasses interferring with shots a couple of yards in front of our target that can go unseen at long ranges. I am not talking about scrub as these obstructions are more obvious. With thick grasses (tussock/Raupo) the grasses are thick enough to dramatically effect shot placment but also fine enough that in some cases, will go unnoticed through optics. Deviations of up 24" are not uncommon where there is a distance of 2 yards between the grass and the animal. Some entry wounds will show tumbling but others will not, depending on the degree of yaw etc.
21 Feb 2013
@ 01:55 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: prone position in long grass
thanks nathan, thats interesting.
i kind of thought the muzzle blast would clear a path, but i wasnt sure. im happy to take your word.
i might have to roll around on the grass first.
yeah, i often think of the scope being high though when shooting really close, like my mate shooting off the bonnet of his truck, and the dent in it. haha


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