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Thanks to Nathan for Great Product Support

21 May 2017
@ 09:36 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

I bedded my first rifle with Match Grade Bedding compound. It was a weekend project, and I didn't have many of the normal tools that a guy might need for a job like this, so I just did it as I went.

Nathan helped me a LOT. He patiently answered questions, and put up with my Texas accent several times over the phone. I finally finished it, and learned so much that I would not have otherwise learned.

I finally got it back together, new trigger in place, greased up and ready to go. Can't wait to load some ELD-M 162 grain bullets and get to shooting.

Thanks Nathan for going above and beyond helping me with this.


22 May 2017
@ 07:40 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Thanks to Nathan for Great Product Support
No worries, thanks for your kind words Lane. I have been helping others via skype this last week but it can be hard to keep up with everyone, especially if they are in need of help at the same time. Somehow we managed to get by.

All the best for your test shooting Lane.


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