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Re: Howa Project

09 May 2017
@ 09:39 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Quite true Warwick.

A decrease in trigger weight plus oil can remove low level creep.

A decrease in weight, plus polishing, plus oil will of course remove all creep. But take note that polishing can easily be overdone. So do take it slowly and carefully. Little things can make a big difference. On the Ruger M77 for example, a very light touch with a soft mop on the sear, can reduce both the pull weight and creep- thats without going below 2000 grit and approximately 2-3 seconds exposure to the cloth buff. One can easily take this too far. Fortunately you can increase your trigger weight if need be. The Ruger tends to be a one way trip after spring alterations and sear work.

I believe the man you speak of worked on the old trigger. Shooters would often adjust light, but this prevented the safety from camming into place. Folk were too scared to hone the front of the sear to get the safety working again and in many instances simply opted to not use the safety. The man you speak of was willing to hone this front face. I do the same and you can see photos of this in the Accurizing book.

I also want you guys to take note that of late, I have seen a few guys who think that owning my books is the same as having read them. It is not. The books don't work when they are sitting on your side table, they have to be read and followed step by step. The order of the steps is as crucial as the steps themselves. The point being to make this entire process easier for you. Andrew started this thread by posting his step 1 inspection. He is now moving onto the next preliminary steps and I hope he continues this way, without jumping ahead, without being over eager. I do not however want him to post all of his steps in detail. Those who want the low down, need to buy and follow the books for themselves.

In any case, if you want the rewards, you have to go through each of these steps, not just pick and choose or skim read. This shows a lack of respect to me as the author who busted his balls to make something of value to you, while at the same time you sell yourselves short. In the worst case scenarios, I find some derailed projects to be a form of self sabotage.

Be patient and have pride in yourselves and what you do. I sometimes think I have more confidence in my readers, than some have in themselves. Suffice to say, I believe you can achieve what you want to achieve, provided you have very clear goals and again follow the steps.


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