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162 grain ELD Match vs 180 grain ELD Match

08 May 2017
@ 06:55 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato


With the long throat length of the 7 mm-08 that 180 grain ELD-M may just work in the 7 mm-08. I'm going to start with the 162 grain ELD-M's and work those up, but that 180 grain bullet would sure be nice on larger animals. Thanks so much for all the help.

For those of you who wonder what the real deal looks like when it comes to long range marksmanship, and how to cleanly kill animals, you've finally found it.

Thanks again amigo!



08 May 2017
@ 12:21 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 162 grain ELD Match vs 180 grain ELD Match
So far I have good, very accurate loads for my 7mm Rem Mag as well as my 7x57 using the 162 grain ELD-M and 175 gr ELD-X bullets.

So far I cannot yet get the 180 grain ELD-M bullets, so I will be interested in seeing what you find in this forum thread for when we are able to get some.
09 May 2017
@ 10:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 162 grain ELD Match vs 180 grain ELD Match
The ogive on this one is like the 30 cal 225gr, quite long. The 225gr has the HP and tip of the ELD-X but the jacket of the ELD-M. Quite a thing. The long bearing surface makes it easy to work with- not harder and not heavily reliant on some dickwads take on twist rate based on transonic ranges and some computer generated vomit. There will however be limits as to how slow one can go. The magnums will have no issues but the 1.925 and 1.95 mild 7mm combos may show slight fliers. This is something you simply have to test for yourself.

As long as you can fit this in your mag box without the ogive sitting in the case neck, you should be good to proceed with range tests. I suspect the sweet spot will be 39.5gr Varget / 2208 for 2400-2450fps. One could in this instance change to 4350 burn rate for small gains but I doubt it would be earth shattering and of no consequence to this bullet design which is not reliant on high velocities, as per my Cartridge book research.


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