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Re: Howa Project

04 May 2017
@ 10:37 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Sorry for the giant image. I realise that how these images display via my phone and PC are different. Via my phone the images are scaled to look appropriate whereas on PC they are the full size.

Here is the rifle in normal view...

I posted regarding the optics here so I won't bother repeating it now.

After a quick play I decided to check the lugs and the bore.

Bore: You will notice a slight burr at the 10 O'clock position near the cotton bud. Just right of the shadow. It appears as a tiny horizontal line. It was the only one I could see after a thorough examination.

Lugs: The lugs were not even, not surprisingly given the discussion about Howa lugs. Fortunately the one with the wear was the left hand side. The right hand side lug has a small hole that goes to the inside of the bolt. I was fearful that grinding compound may travel into the bolt but the left side is solid. You can see in the picture (barely) that the texta has been removed from about 40% of the face. I used a red sharpie which shows up slightly (very dark maroon with a high gloss) in the picture. The wear has a dull finish to it.

I plan on taking the rifle out and shooting it like a before/after type process. Once the bore is broken in I will post results then proceed with accurising then post results again.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and encouraged me along the way to get to this point. Now the real learning can begin :)


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