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norma brass for 7mm practical

04 May 2017
@ 02:33 pm (GMT)

louis georges

Any one shoot Norma brass in their Practical, Will it handle max loads? Problems With thick necks ETC.


05 May 2017
@ 11:37 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: norma brass for 7mm practical
Hi Loius, no it does not handle the max loads so well and yes, necks can be too thick. The Practical generally likes to be run fast so if you can, choose a tough brass such as Win or second to this, Hornady.
06 May 2017
@ 09:43 am (GMT)

louis georges

Re: norma brass for 7mm practical
Nathon on the subject of neck thickness. I like to turn my necks so that they clean up about 3/4 around. with that said, using redding neck bushing die that won't size all the way to the shoulder, would I be better of turning the necks when they are .308 before sizing. Once again Thanks for all your help.


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