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American Wilderness riflle

05 Apr 2017
@ 02:51 pm (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the American wilderness rifle and stocks I have been trying to get a Remington 700 in 7mm Rem mag but there isn't any available in New Zealand at the moment the supplier has just got a new shipment in and there isn't any 7mm Rem mags in it, the next shipment is meant to be about 12 weeks away but that may only be a number
I have found a couple of American wilderness in 7mm rem mag they have a black cerakote finish and a Grayboe stock but only a 24 inch barrel and are about $600 dearer wondering if they are worth the extra
thanks for any help


06 Apr 2017
@ 06:03 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: American Wilderness riflle
Hey Brendon! I've looked into that same gun as well, and although I've not handled it in person, the barrel looks pencil thin, which is a downer....
06 Apr 2017
@ 06:04 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: American Wilderness riflle
The CDL SF with an HS stock instead of the wood would be gorgeous.
06 Apr 2017
@ 10:28 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: American Wilderness riflle
Just get a 30.06
08 Apr 2017
@ 06:52 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: American Wilderness riflle
hi Brendon
i was in reloaders yesterday and Dan handed me a wildness rifle to see what i thought,
its very nice the finish is good the stock is nice and solid.
its kinder a light version of the long range if that makes sense in my opinion.
my only concern is the weight vs caliber vs recoil factor.
if your doing multiple day hunts in remote area's, lot of stalking or hunting high altitude it would be a great rifle.
if you don't mind bit of extra weight and want to do long shots mainy the long range or sendero might be a better option as they have more weight and a wider forend.

i just looking at weight and i see the wildness is cherakote stainless which is good but you can also get long range is stainless now
wildness rifle 7.3lbs
long range 9lbs
spss is 7 5/8

hope that's some help
if you do go a head reloaders supplies has the wildness rifle in 7rem mag in stock.
08 Apr 2017
@ 08:28 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: American Wilderness riflle
Graybone stocks are made by the original founder of McMillan stocks.

Looking for build specs they describe it as;
"Our material is a homogenous composite mixture not only designed for superior performance, but it also creates a platform as workable as wood."
So another fibreglass reinforced job.

Would be nice if the offered the wider forend of the Renegade model with the Outlander pistol grip......... would be the same as the original Sendero stock then! Job done, but that's not tacticooool l suppose.
08 Apr 2017
@ 06:17 pm (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Re: American Wilderness riflle
Hi guys thanks for all the replys as the weather was terrible here the other day stopping me from working I sat down and Googled gun shops in New Zealand after making about 30 phone calls I found a shop with an SPS stainless which was what I were really after so I have gone that way and will build it up as I can afford


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