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6.5 bullets

03 Apr 2017
@ 03:19 pm (GMT)

alan wozniak

has anyone have any experience with precision ballistic bullets in 6.5mm for hunting the maker is in the US he offers 6mm and 6.5 mm bullets in various weights and meplats. any info on his bullets would be greatfull you can find them at Precision Ballistics Bullets LLC on the net thaks in advance, Alan


08 Apr 2017
@ 05:20 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 6.5 bullets
It would appear that none of us here have used the bullets you asked about.

For me, while it is a bit of fun checking out new bullets, for hunting I do not go chasing around to custom bullet shops ever or looking at new releases and advertising.

Instead, I find out from books like Nathan's as well as from members online here and on Nathan's online knowledge base what works and how to make it work well.

Just my personal way for getting the very best performance, and has worked well for me since my first elk in 1958.
09 Apr 2017
@ 12:44 pm (GMT)

alan wozniak

Re: 6.5 bullets
Hello,Bryan thanks for your reply but as you say that's what I am doing posting this to find some feed back I have read Nathan's articals od bullet BC meplate and velocity any one else with any info on My post would be welcome
09 Apr 2017
@ 04:05 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: 6.5 bullets
Bullets and car tires share similar marketing hype. 6.5 use a 140gn Partition or A max they work and that's what you need. If you really want to know about the new bullet buy some and do development load testing to find out.


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