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Bedding Dams

12 Mar 2017
@ 06:31 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hey guys,

I had a question about bedding dams, I had a quick search and couldn't see anything specific to what I was asking.

I wanted to know how you stop the bedding compound flowing over the dams?

If this is answered in the books/video please just point me there :)

Thanks team.


13 Mar 2017
@ 08:14 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bedding Dams
Hi Andrew, if you want to fill above the height of the plasticine dams (can be very useful), temporary foam dams allow you to fill higher than your dam. The dams are pulled at the last moment as the action is dropped down. You may get some seepage at this moment but this should not cause negative consequences.

There are photos of this in the accurizing book. You may also see this in our bedding tips and tricks video on youtube.

Will have a Tikka bedding video up in the near future.
13 Mar 2017
@ 11:51 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Bedding Dams
Cheers. I was just concerned that when the action, more specifically the barrel comes down that the dams would overflow into the front of the stock and ruin the job. But if a bit of seepage is OK then I'm probably just over thinking. Also I'm sure reading the book will help too.

I am thinking about having a cracking on my CZ


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