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Rifle caliber for coyotes

11 Mar 2017
@ 06:25 pm (GMT)

Daniel Moore

What rifle caliber and load would be considered optimum for coyotes out to around 400 yards?


12 Mar 2017
@ 04:55 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Rifle caliber for coyotes
A lot will depend on what you want to do with the coyotes you get. Some calibers have few if any bullets that would not make large exit holes or tear the hide with fragments or bone chips.

My all time favourite has been the .243 Winchester using Sierra 85 grain hollow point boat tail bullets. But then that was just to put them down, and not for pelt value. I shot a lot of coyotes with a .22-250 Remington Varmint rifle and used light bullets, calling them in to around 100 yards made it pretty easy and pelt damage was not bad as few had exit holes with the loads I used. The real issue using the .22-250 was in our country there is a lot of wind and those bullets are really hard to get to a target when shot are too far in wind, hence my liking for the .243.

While doing predator control work I would often use a .30/06 or my 7x57 and surprisingly, found I could make longer shots and the 150 30 cal as well as the 7mm Hornady A-Max did little damage most of the time. Speaking to some ranchers, several used a .270 and found the same. Depending on shot placement. A broken rib on exit may tear the hide but can be easliy sown up.

Hope this is of some use. Also check out the Longrange Hunting web site as there are several articles written by people in the USA who shoot a lot of coyotes each year by calling them in.
12 Mar 2017
@ 06:22 am (GMT)

James Knight

Re: Rifle caliber for coyotes
I found the same out here in UT/WY. I had good results from the 220 Swift and the 50gr Vmax, also the 22/250 Ackley and the Hornady 68gr OTM bullet, a surprisingly stout bullet. the Vmax stayed inside and the 68gr OTM left a very small exit, its even great on deer! But that wind! That is the Bane! I know a few that used the 243 and the 60gr with good results too. I also agree that big game bullets in several centerfires don't tear up a lot, but wil, of course, require some sewing up holes. Now, down in East Tx, a 22 magnum was perfect! But try finding 22 magnum in these days! I have shot a lot of PDs with the 17 HMR and up close I read it is pretty good, but we are talking to 400yds. I shot "one" big dog coyote right at 300yds with the old 90X in a 240 Weatherby and it was a good kill/and small holes. I had that particular pelt tanned and I'm looking at it right now! Love shooting coyotes...I could do it everyday, ha! Good luck to you Pard!
15 Mar 2017
@ 03:05 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Rifle caliber for coyotes
I've hunted coyote with everything from a 22 LR to a 7mm mag. My favorite would be shooting them with my 257 Roberts using 70 gr V Max. Not a pelt saver by any means. I use to use a 220 swift with 52 gr HPBT Match with great effect. A coyote at 400 yds? They don't stand still for long. Here in the Northeast we use shotguns on them in the thick timber. [b]


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