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7mm Fatmax

02 Feb 2017
@ 11:46 am (GMT)

Jit Rathod

I was watching NZ hunter adventures last night where they use a 7mm Fatmax to fantastic effect.
Any thiuggts on this wildcat as theres morning in the site ?


05 Feb 2017
@ 07:18 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 7mm Fatmax
Hi Jit
here's a link that goes into detail, there also a 338 fatmax they use

for anyone that want's to quickly know what it is, the 7mm wsm is based on the 404 jeffery case the 7mm fatmax is same length but based on the 338 lapua/416 rigby case being the next size up in fatness.

i do have great respect for Greg Duley he thinks things through well, he made it with a long neck, from my understanding he'll bush stalk with a down loaded round on top if he has the muzzle brake fitted ( watching his show i believe he actually keeps the brake off a lot of the time)
they are regularly hunting hard, doing long 10 days hunts with 30kg packs.

now im not fully comfortable with the base idea of trying to get so much power out of such a light gun, i think they wanted 7 stw power out of a rifle weighing less then 10lbs, the 338 fatmax must be even worse.

they also have what they call a bushpig which is a tikka with a short barrel, suppressor and carbine fibre stock, there one is in 284 but one of the big chain stores sell a package one in 7-08.
i was actually hunting with few guys the other weekend that had them, yes they are light and handy but you kinder loose your effectiveness with such a short barrel, does it matter if you keep your range short? its up to the individual but ill would rather carry extra weight and extra length and know i got more velocity then i need.

i do enjoy that NZ hunter show the latest season has just started here


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