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.270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges

25 Jan 2017
@ 10:10 pm (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin


The much-thought about Dakota .300WM left my safe given a great offer, so looking to replace it. Obviously this is an über-discussed subject in all of its angles, etc. The main premises as follows:

+ Rem 700 Platform, overall weight with optics ~ 10lbs (STAC on top)
+ No hand-loading, only factory ammo available
+ Max range 500 yards
+ Hard climbs involved (very good physical condition)
+ All around rifle, typical weights up to fat Mule Deer (up to 280lbs) with the occasional Elk, Moose or tougher Antelope thrown in

What is your caliber choice?? Appreciate the responses in advance.




26 Jan 2017
@ 03:24 am (GMT)

Dan Dunn

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Also Trying to decide between 7 mag and 30-06 for moose hunt in Alaska. I know Nathan really likes the 7 mag but not sure if he uses on animals as big as Alaskan moose. Personally looking at the new Browning X Bolt Hell's Canyon with factory muzzle break. Hoping our Friends on this site can enlighten us as to autopsy findings on Moose equivalent bodies with these two caliburs and the best performing bullets. Contemplating 168 grain Barnes in the 06 and something similar if I go w the 7 mag.
Thanks for bring up this discussion.
26 Jan 2017
@ 05:12 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
my vote goes .30/06 as you will always be able to find ammo for it anywhere.
Im a .270 man but for bigger animals the 06 wins hands down.
price of ammo is also way less than 7mm mag.
26 Jan 2017
@ 03:11 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Given the options in Ricardo's post I would go with what Mike says. I gave one of my boys a Remington model 721 as well as a Sako Mannlicher both in 30/06 and both rifles shoot well and handle all sorts of shots at elk and moose.
I have shot more than a few large grizzly bear with one as well.

We had a thread on this site some time back many may recall. I posted a comment about a guide-outfitter here in northern British Columbia Canada who hunted all over the world and took an astounding number of very large trophies.
While speaking to him one day, I asked what his favourite rifle was and he answered abruptly and with emotion he only had 30/06 rifles and they were all that anyone needed. I agreed with him after looking at his collection of Winchester model 70 rifles in his trophy room.
26 Jan 2017
@ 06:56 pm (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
I'm a big fan of the .30-06 but I would want to know what your ammo options are. Are you able to get more or less whatever factory ammo you want or are you restricted? So long as you can get what you want in terms of bullets on your factory loads I'd vote for the 30 cal. If you were limited to lower BC, cup and core options that might give me pause.

I know you can get 165 and 180 gr. Hornady SSTs on factory ammo. That'd be something I'd probably try out given the parameters you listed. Nosler and Berger heavy for caliber bullets are also available on factory ammo. No doubt there are more I don't know of.

Now, to contradict myself a little, I would note that your willingness to carry a few pounds certainly gives you flexibility to put a long barrel on a 7mm and get all the fps out of it that you should.
27 Jan 2017
@ 10:42 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Thank you for the thoughtful responses Guys. It seems we can get a host of factory loads - Superformance and the full range of Federal in the past, and yes, I'm able to carry a few extra pounds, but not up to the ~11 range that NF mentions as comfortable for the .300WM...

It's a split more in the 7mmRM - .30-06 camp. I'll not do a .30 cal magnum again.

28 Jan 2017
@ 08:50 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
30-06 Ricardo see below for a view. A Nz website but you will get the idea. Or maybe a 35 Whelen rem 700 sfs if you can get the ammunition ok.
29 Jan 2017
@ 09:44 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Hi Ricardo, for 500 yards, you can use the .308 and have the widest range of ammo options (factory ammo options being my main concern here).

Much of this is hard to put into words but in plain terms, while there are many flat shooters out there- when it comes to factory ammo, it can be easier to find a good load and one that actually hits noticeably harder at long ranges than many of the flat shooters. We want both accuracy and killing perforamce.

Otherwise, check for .30-06 ammo supplies. Having said this, I believe that outside of the U.S, the options can at times be disappointing at localized and especially non franchise (low buying power) gun stores.

Dan- please read my book series first before you go any further ahead.
30 Jan 2017
@ 03:50 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Yep, factory loads will dictate things to a large degree as said.

With all the Tacticoool fluff going on, the 308w has had big, big factory backing in the last few years. Some very good factory loads are available (here), so from that stand point it has taken some shine from the mighty 06, which is my "go to calibre" as stated many times.

Short action Rems & clones also enjoy better support with aftermarket options in stocks etc. Then there is the option for a 20" model that will still perform well offered by many makes giving quick handling etc.

Though l do like the extra knock given from the 06......... but l only handload!
30 Jan 2017
@ 07:34 am (GMT)

Paul Day

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
First order of the day is to READ THE BOOKS. If you don't there is a high probability you will have regrets over your choice of rifle and caliber. I hunt in Alberta. Mostly deer. Long range is 300-500 yards. With the animal body weight, a .270 has served me very well. If I were to shoot larger body weights, then I would be selecting the 30-06 or 7mm. I have three 7mm rifles. Long range knock down of the 7mm is hard to beat. Having said that, bullet placement with a .243 can pull down game at long range, not that I advise it. The point I make is that no matter what your caliber, if you fail to place the bullet correctly, you will likely lose your quarry. Again I reiterate, read the books. Choose a rifle you can work with. Choose a caliber suitable for your intended animal size. Select your bullet. Accurize the rifle and learn to shoot properly. Once you have done that then you will have increased your likelihood of a clean kill. Now all you have to do is find the animal. Good hunting!!!
01 Feb 2017
@ 12:42 pm (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Gents apologize in advance for the continuation of this "boring" subject...

Nathan, it's fair to say I'll be able to get my greasy hands on virtually all factory ammo. From the Second Edition, seems the 06' puts the best foot forward?

26 Feb 2017
@ 05:33 am (GMT)

Jason Abeln

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Coming from a slightly different perspective here,
I live in the heart of rural USA. Directly after the 2012 presidential election there was ZERO factory ammunition available in .223/5.56, .308/7.62, .22LR, 9mm. It was equally impossible to find and purchase powder for loading. However, every single mom and pop farm store, WalMart, and flea market that sold ammo had good ol'.30-06 Springfield.
So glad I was raised with that caliber. Equally happy it wasn't the flavor of the month.

Long live the King. .30-06
26 Feb 2017
@ 06:06 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
30/06 ammo can be readily found anywhere in Canada and it is certainly popular in Alaska as well. Even our local Walmart stores across Canada carry 180 and 15 grain 30/06 ammo-one thing I noted when things got scarce up here.
11 Mar 2017
@ 09:38 am (GMT)

James Knight

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Not sure why you want a 10#+ rifle as 8.5-9# is very doable and as accurate as one can hold still in the field, ha. However, here in Utah, the 7mm Rem Mag is very popular, as is the '06 & .270, of course. A .270 with say, 130gr TTSX or GMX will penetrate any moose, and will be just about as flat shooting as the 7mm Mag. A 10# 30-06 will be a pussycat, and with the 168TTSX it is an awesome round. I don't think the 7mm mag will give you any perceivable advantage over them either. If you really want a sweet shooter, and a 10# rifle, then I suggest the .270. Have a ball Pard!
27 Apr 2017
@ 02:24 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Very grateful for the help!!

I'll be investing my time and energy in the "Dos-Setenta" (Two-Seventy), building on its strengths, our game weights and my self-imposed range limits.

The Sightron did alter the balance, but remains an alpine-worthy configuration. It seems, with a lot of practice, that I'll be golden at 500 yards for those sneaky Coues bucks (factory 140gr SF SST's).

Saludos from Mexico!!

25 Jun 2017
@ 09:17 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges

Lookin' Good!!! Got two more sub-inch groups, the first of them in my young/sweet life. Ringed the 500 meter gong on all of them too...

Rem 700 Custom Mountain KS
.270 Win / Factory Superformance 140gr SST @ 3090fps
Sightron STAC 3-16x42 (bolt almost pinching when opening in full)


26 Oct 2017
@ 04:53 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Shit!!! I've found a reloading community locally in our far-off desert place. Curiously enough, most run .30 cals and mostly 168 A-MAX's!!! I've seen myriad .308's, some 06's and a couple of .300 WBY's.....This changes things dramatically, reloading is now an option. I don't yet understand the Silk Road of component importing, but who cares.

The .30-06 gets juicier by the minute and ups its leg above the 7mmRM.

26 Oct 2017
@ 09:01 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: .270 / 7mmRM / .30-06 Consultation - Traditional Hunting Ranges
Sounds good man. Great to see you have a like minded place to participate.

I would very much love to visit Mexico one day. Come and try some Sonorran birria.


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