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Greystone muzzel brake

18 Jan 2017
@ 01:33 am (GMT)

Jared Breingan

Wondering what your guys thoughts are on this type of muzzle brake. Looking at one for a lighter weight magnum.
Meant to be more user friendly with noise while having decent recoil reduction and maintaining sight picture.
Has holes releasing gases forward then some slots rearward then some more holes forward. Be great to hear your thoughts and experiences.


18 Jan 2017
@ 05:25 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Greystone muzzel brake
hi Jared
had quick look there's few thing i don't like but could be wrong blast directed towards ground kicking up dust, not sure how much noise comeback.

have a look on this thread
Chris has given up on the shield from what i know but he is using the muzzle brake with great success.
the ports are angled 15 degrees fowards so the shooter plus bystanders don't get blasted.
think Chris had it made and the guy that made it is just starting off based in blenhiem, if its of any interest ill try track down some info for you
19 Jan 2017
@ 06:44 am (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Greystone muzzel brake
Yes looking at the design it should be a little easier on the shooter but will still kick up dust. I played with one of Dean Maisey's radial ported brakes on a 7mmRM it was not nice to shoot with percussion wave to the face so I hooked in with the die grinder and angled them forward made it more comfortable to shoot but kicked up a heap of dust still
19 Jan 2017
@ 07:37 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Greystone muzzel brake
I would guess that any radial brake (holes around the entire brake body) would not be a good idea. Those I have used all had no holes at all pointing down, and on each side had one large hole along with two smaller ones each pointed several degrees to the side but flaring forward. Those worked well but were on other guys rifles as I have no brakes on mine so far.
27 Jan 2017
@ 03:29 am (GMT)

Ted Pringle

Re: Greystone muzzel brake
The Greystone muzzle brakes do work well at reducing recoil & weigh nothing.
I tried one on my 7RM but didnt not like the dust & additional noise of a break.
I went with a suppressor in the end as I much prefer the outcome (reduced perceived recoil & noise) & im happy with the additional weight.
I know someone who has a greystone break on their 300WM and its not enjoyable to be around, but thats the case with most brakes.


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