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Re: Bullet Comparators and Results

17 Jan 2017
@ 12:01 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Thanks again, guys. I have copied and filed this thread to have it as a quick reference for later. This is good stuff.

Because it's winter and I'm bored silly, I took an unopened box of 208gr ELD-Ms and put each bullet through the comparator. Interesting results. Of course, we will never know why this is, but there were two distinct bullet groups. In each of these groups, the differences between bullets was less than one thou. The difference between the two groups was four thou. Twenty-five per cent of the bullets were .004" shorter from the ogive to the base.

I separated these two lots into their own boxes, so now when I do my loads I will be able to see if this will affect velocities, etc.


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