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Re: Scope setup recommended for CZ 550 American safari classic rifle in 375 h&h

14 Jan 2017
@ 09:45 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

I don't want to hujack this thread so short of it is I bought 3 Leupld VX3 scopes 3.5 to 14 per and put one on a 7x57 Remington Classic, a .308 Win in Remington, and a 783 30/06 (now the barrel is .358 Win).
load workups and barrel breakin, casual shooting of them for a year was exactly 235 rounds on the 7x57, 198 on the .358 and 225 on the .308
Most was in summer nd I would quad about 7km in to where I like to shoot,

During load workups I would change the scope turrets to close to the aiming point and after five or six sessions of doing that the reticle would jump around when I tried to move it to where I wanted. Over time all were sent in for repair and they weill remain on .22LR from now on after I send them back and have the parallax settings altered to accomodate this.

I have always found this to be the case with Leupold scopes but normally it would take three or four years. Problem was found only when I changed a load and sighted in for a new load so would not normally have seen it until I did that.
and I have never been hard on any of my pets...although each of these scopes sat on a high recoiling rifle I was testing for people who wanted a bedding job done, and those were only like 10 or so shots each at the most. (from 300 Weatherby to 340 Weatherby and 30/378 Weatherby rifles with hefty loads) This could be most likely the cause but no longer will happen here anyway as I now use the client's equipment and optics when I do any of that sort of thing...which is not that often any longer since I am getting older and lazy, plus more into hunting again...which I prefer anyway.


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