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Hawk Custom Bullets

28 Dec 2016
@ 06:25 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

In my search for bullets I came across Hawk. Has anyone here used them? They make a 180 grain .308 caliber with a 0.030" thick jacket that looks ideal for my purposes.


29 Dec 2016
@ 05:30 am (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Re: Hawk Custom Bullets
Hopefully someone here has tried them out, I can only report the reading I did on them a little while back because I was interested in them as well. I was hoping to get them to make some heavy-ish 190-200 gr bullets to try in my 32 Special but they no longer ship here to Canada direct so that's out.

The online reviews i was reading were mixed but overall more positive than negative, take that for what it's worth. The two big gripes I came across were the 'sticky' pure copper jackets hitting high pressure signs quickly and some core separation issues, the Hawk bullet doesn't have any bonding or mechanical lock to help keep them together. They do make a lot odd ball calibers and bullet weights and will do custom runs so there is that if you had something special in mind.
29 Dec 2016
@ 11:47 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: Hawk Custom Bullets
That's essentially all I've been able to find out as well, Luke. The funny thing is that the bullets that I'm interested in from Hawk would likely have very similar performance to the Winchester Power Point 180's, as someone mentioned in the .308 thread I started. But factory loads are getting kinda boring :D
11 Mar 2017
@ 09:46 am (GMT)

James Knight

Re: Hawk Custom Bullets
While I have never killed anything with hawks, I have loaded several calibers with them. I used all round nose, 285/9.3x62; 225/35 Whelen & 358 Winchester; and 190/30-30 Winchester/ 30-30 Ackley Improved. They were indeed "tacky" and being soft copper/lead they "bump up" real quick. You just start a tad lower than a regular bullet and work up slowly. They all shot very well. They are not that expensive either. Another good one is the round nose Woodleighs. I used the 310rn/35 Whelen Ackley on a medium Eurasian hog and it was perfect...45 cal entrance/75 caliber exit, soup in between, no bloodshot meat!


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