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Re: Browning BLR .358 Winchester

25 Dec 2016
@ 07:49 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

BLRs ....... Nathan not a huge fan and gunsmithing can be ....expensive due to design/way rifle put together (threading foe a suppressor cost us 3 times as much as for my bolt actions)
the triggers are....interesting...someone on here summed it up the best Ive seen "they suck and blow at the same time"
that said we bought and older one made by Miroku in .308 and it will do around the moa and slightly under ,my older Brother has had one for years and has put in respectable groups with it at the range...very respectable.
lovely rifles for bush hunting as they shoulder well and are quick to target.
not the lightest around but that helps in its own way.
the exposed hammer is simply brilliant for bush stalking as you carry loaded and uncocked and simply thumb back hammer when ready to fire,quick and quiet.
cleaning from muzzle end or only use pull through.....just need to be cautious.
but I love them and bought one for our son at first chance we got.


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