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reason for accuracy issue

18 Dec 2016
@ 08:36 am (GMT)

mark whiteley

I thought I'd divulge the reasons behind a sudden loss of accuracy in one of my most accurate rifles, a ruger vt in 22-250.
this rifle has since finding the load for it been a proven performer shooting 1 hole groups at 200m consistently, about every 300 shots the groups would open up to a consistent 1 inch but following Nathan's advise from his book I would polish the throat and bore with autosol and the accuracy would come back,
but this time after a very thorough polishing, no mucking about, getting stuck into it, no tea party's, there was no joy, this accurate rifle so I thought had seen it's day after around 2500 shots, I started to think about another barrel and naturally a different case, if I'm going to spend money rechambering why not be a little different.
I have ordered new dies and cases to make a 22BR, very exiting I thought and next year I would see about the barrel and a custom reamer.
then I started to think about how good this rifle was and just because I could I started to pull it down, I found the magazine box was not floating and there was a very slight compression in the stock at the front angled action bolt under the bottom metal,
I have bedded that part of the stock making the fit better and the accuracy is back, I am stoked
I will still be getting a barrel for later on but it shows it's worth having a good look,
I would also like to say the info on what to look for came from Nathan's book's,
merry xmass
regards mark


18 Dec 2016
@ 02:43 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: reason for accuracy issue
Nice save, Mark. You still have your 22-250 and the path is paved for your custom next year.
18 Dec 2016
@ 10:08 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: reason for accuracy issue
Mark I found the exact same stock compression issues with a friends VT 204R causing the action to be pre-loaded or rock on the mag box. This was also a one hole rifle feed on factory Hornady ammo straight out of the box.

Bedded it with a TBR kit & instructions, adding some thickening agent (supplied by Nathan & Steph if requested). Did a 2 point bed well out into the generous knox area and it's back to its old self!

A reasonably complex or busy design but they do seem to shoot well & they have a great taper to work with!

20 Dec 2016
@ 08:38 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: reason for accuracy issue
Hi Mark, thanks for your kind words.

Getting the right info to the reader weighed very heavily on me. I am not the sort of person who can just write some crap and hope to make some money or gain some fame or whatever the hell folk do these things for these days. I simply wanted to try to help but I really felt the weight of this when writing. The reader needed to able to be able to understand the concepts very easily and obtain measurable results. I had to make sure that I was explaining everything as best as I could, step by step so that the reader could duplicate my work.

In any case, it seems to have worked. The books help many where before I could only work on one rifle / one client at a time.

Speaking of books, products and helping: Guys- please, please understand that there is a lot of crap in this industry right now. There is a lot of hard selling going on now- more ultra light guns that folk can't shoot, muzzle brakes that reduce recoil but then slap your face sideways and off target with blast, forends you can't hold onto, more plastic that you never liked so why lie to yourself, lighter and weaker actions and so forth. WE want more power but we want lighter and lower recoilimg guns because we do not exercise enough or the way we used to. We have meters for everything and will soon need a meter that measures other meters. We have more apps to drain your batteries to help kill you off if you get lost in the hills during a snow storm. We have more and more utterly useless shooting schools that are making the sport worse, not better. There are still many chop shop smiths building chop shop rifles with really convincing 'custom rifle' web pages. So be very mindful of what you buy into.

Really, we only need some very basic gear. After the initial set up, it is up to you to practice. I have said before that you cannot buy the shot. If you could, it would not be satisfying. Remember the importance of analog equipment and how when all is said and done, the wind has the final say if you want to reach out. There is no gadget that can do this for you with reliability and in many cases, a wind meter will simply ruin the shot. The one thing you can do, is practice. If you live in a big city and cannot practice the way you want to, you can still play wind games as per my shooting book.

There are some good products on the horizon. For example, Clive Judd here in NZ is still busting his balls to make a good aftermarket stock. He will soon have some stocks ready, but it was a long hard haul because he put all funds into research, not the big sell. Why- because like me, the responsibility weighs heavily on him. He does not want to waste resources or your time or your money. There are still good folk like this around. But you have to read between the lines, especially when viewing websites etc. Try to look past the basic blurb on home pages and really put your attention into observation. As I have said, there are certainly some good products out there. One reader gave me a Rapid Rod just recently- such a cool concept and so very light for the field. I have already put this to use in the field. There are many other neat items we can treat ourselves to. But never ever forget to try and keep things simple and sort wheat from chaff.

22 Dec 2016
@ 05:11 am (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: reason for accuracy issue
Chur bro. Spot on Nathan!
22 Dec 2016
@ 08:18 am (GMT)


Re: reason for accuracy issue
Iv just finished a 22br. Iv fired about 20 rounds and it's looking really good. I'm using a 8 twist with 80gr projectiles.
I'm sure you will like it.



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