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Winchester 70 featherweight

14 Dec 2016
@ 12:39 am (GMT)

john feyereisn

I have been thinking of getting a little lighter rifle for certain deer hunts where i will be walking alot. I have Looked at rem mod 7s and savage mod 11 lightweight, i dont know that i want or need something quite that short and lightweight. Then I realized they still(or again) make the mod 70 featherweight. It has a 22 in barrel is slightly i beleive lighter than say a standard savage mod 11. I would want a 308w. After all this blabbering, my question to anyone with some insight is how Winchester rifles of late have been as far as quality and accuracy.


14 Dec 2016
@ 05:48 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Winchester 70 featherweight
Nathan mentioned s few things you should read in one of his books on this very rifle. As for myself, I had a Featherweight Winchester .308 I bought in 1965 but sold when I went to university. Bad decision that. That rifle would do 1/2 moa with hand loads and an acquaintance who shot on the Canadian Bisley team had showed me how to bed it...common knowledge now but back then, not so much.
Nathan goes through it in his books nicely. This friend used one like mine to practice for his upcoming competitions and did extremely well. He also hunted exclusivley with his.

Not a bad choice still, in my opinion, but I am not aware of how recent versions perform out of the box. I understand they are using some relatively simple bedding using a glass bedding compound but have not looked at any recent ones. If you were to buy one, I would shoot it a bit to break in the bore properly and get an idea of its accuracy. If not sub moa then find a competent gunsmith and have him do a bedding and pillar job with the barrel free floated.
14 Dec 2016
@ 06:32 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Winchester 70 featherweight
Hi John
A mate is very happy with his Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless synthetic.
27 Jan 2017
@ 12:54 pm (GMT)

Carsten Pedersen

Re: Winchester 70 featherweight
Hi John,

I owned the Winchester Featherweight in 7mm-08.
There will be an entry about my reloads on the forum somewhere.

The rifle is top quality and after messing with reloads shot tiny groups, a very accurate rifle.
Timber and bluing is very high class a the bolt/extraction is smooth and really nice.

However, due to the lightness of the barrel, I had a couple of things I disliked.
Recoil was unnecessarily high and the forend would jump so it was important to hold that forend as Nathan has put in a brilliant article.

Barrel heats up fast so 3 shot groups and not too many shots in a session or you can cook your eggs on the barrel.

Lastly, the barrel was whippy due to being thin and it took time to find an optimal load for the resonance of it but once sorted not a big deal, just something to be aware of.

Hope this helps.


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