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Re: Swift Scirocco II observations

08 Dec 2016
@ 06:12 pm (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

I thought I'd add to this old thread since I have acquired a little more data. I really thought I would take to the woods with a different load this year but on opening day I had the most confidence in the round to round accuracy of the Sciroccos than anything else I had in hand. I shot 3 deer last month with the 150 gr. Scirocco II bullets fired at a bit over 2,700 fps.

Deer 1 was a small animal of less than 120 pounds at 125 yards. The bullet glanced off a rib a few inches behind the shoulder on the animal's left side and angled back through the vitals, exiting just behind the rib cage on the right side. The deer ran 20 yards. The exit wound was wide and blood loss considerable.

Deer 2 was very nearly the same size as Deer 1 (don't judge, I'm a meat eater first) at virtually identical range to Deer 1. Again entry was on the animal's left side, a couple inches further aft than intended but still in the ribs. The exit wound was large and gruesome, as this animal appeared to have spent its last day at an all corn buffet and the bullet clipped some part of the digestive track and a rib on its way out, opened a huge hole, and made for as nasty a mess as you'll see without making a plain old gut shot. The deer traveled about 35 yards before expiring.

Deer 3 was a larger animal at about 170 pounds, shot through the right side as it was quartering away at approximately 130 yards. Bullet entry was in the back half of the rib cage. This one got interesting. I fired and based on angle and placement I had an expectation that this deer would not take another step. It did. In fact it traveled close to 70 yards and left only a very faint blood trail. This really confused me and my first thought was that the bullet lodged against the inside of the left shoulder. However, when I got the deer hung and made a close inspection I found a small exit wound with very little bleeding between the left shoulder and the neck. This was at odds with my expectations based on a number of kills with this load.

So what happened on Deer 3? Did the bullet fragment and only a small portion exit? I did look through the innards. Liver and heart were both directly damaged and one lung was destroyed. As I said, this last one surprised me but I'm curious as to whether the intelligentsia also finds it surprising.


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