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Speer 130gn BTSP 7mm

08 Dec 2016
@ 12:31 pm (GMT)

Tom Dixon

Well I said I would report how these performed, Nathan wasn't joking when he said they were very soft. I shot 3 deer this week with these, they are a little too explosive for chest shots inside 150yds. I didn't get to try a body shot at longer ranges. First shot was a red hind at 170yds, she was lying so this was a headshot (I was in a very steady position, hardly any wind and she was very still) . She obviously dropped on the spot, the damage was extensive, complete destruction of the head.
2nd shot was a large adult red hind at 75yds in the chest, I hit just behind the foreleg and there was a lot of lung damage and also shredded liver, however the bullet had really fragmented, the entry hole was over an inch and the rumen had been split in several places by fragments. There was no exit. She ran a short distance and dropped.
3rd shot was a small roe at 120yds, again a nice chest shot, there was an exit, bit again total carnage in the internal organs and another ruptured rumen.
The MV on this load is 3012fps.

Not enough to be conclusive but I think this bullet is a bit too explosive for chest shots at highish velocities, unless you like a messy gralloch and potentially contaminated meat. I think it will be ideal for neck shooting in a culling scenario as I think the rapid expansion would give every chance of CNS damage even if a bone was missed.


08 Dec 2016
@ 12:45 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Speer 130gn BTSP 7mm
They work very well on coyotes and wolves in my 7x57 except for running straight away shots. Hard on pelts however.


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